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I’m so excited for all these summer activities for toddlers!! Some of these are the classics like water slides (scroll to the bottom for a DIY Video!), and other’s are full of innovation and creativity. Not sure about you, but with three boys 5 and under, I am always looking for ideas to keep them busy, especially in the summer! I hunted through the internet to find what I think are the best of the best ideas to keep all your toddlers busy and having fun all summer long!

Messy Boats from Busy Toddler

DIY Marshmallow Shooters from Coffee Cups and Crayons

Ice Boat Racing by Toddler Approved

Pool Noodle Sprinkler

DIY Catch and Toss

Deep Blue Sea Activity Bin From Happy Hooligans

Outdoor Water Bed by Just Another Utah Mom

Kiddie Car Wash by Momendeavors

Backyard Beach. Click here for tutorial.

Water Pistol Painting by Messy Little Monster

Lemonade Stand Tutorial from Liluna

DIY Pirate Ship by Molly Moo Crafts

Backyard Teepee by Mama Papa Bubba

Boxcar Drive in Movie Night

Bubble Snake from Messy Little Monster

Fishing Hole

Smore’s Party

Shaving Cream Twister by Frugal Coupon Living 

Bring sand to your yard with Magic Sand! By See Vanessa Craft

DIY Water Slide! Always a win:

YouTube video


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  1. You have so many good ideas! I have been looking for some fun outdoor activities to entertain the kids this summer. I am having our carpets cleaned next week so I need something fun for the kids to do in the backyard while the cleaners are here haha. Thanks for sharing!!!

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