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Baby bottoms are the cutest. Red baby bottoms are not cute, and ultimately I cringe at the sight of any baby rash signs because I can’t stand the thought of my little angel red and hurting. I’ve tried all the diaper rash creams in my years of being a mom of little ones. My third baby is still in diapers (please send any potty training tips for one-year-olds my way!), and I’ve spent the last 4 years of my life with a child in diapers, so I’ve also slathered on lots of cream.

With my first baby, I thought I had the right cream ready to go for my new baby. As the first onset of diaper rash set in, as it usually does at some point, I slathered on my cream and waited. The redness got worse. What?! Of course I called my mom. She asked if I had DESITIN. I asked what that was. She told me she used it on all of us, and it was the best cream. I went and got it within a few minutes, and sure enough from application to the next diaper change, things were looking better!

DESITIN comes in two forms. The Rapid Relief Cream is the one I’ve used preventative. I put some on maybe once a day or every couple of days to keep redness at bay. If there is a rash already developing, I go for the DESITIN Maximum Strength Original Paste to treat it. Thanks to my mom, I’ve used this now for all three of my babies, and we’ve had some smooth baby bottoms.

I follow the same process DESITIN outlines in their easy-to-follow guide. They go over a simple, 3-step process that solves the diaper rash quickly. Preventing diaper rash is fairly simple as well, and DESITIN lays it out for new moms step-by-step.

If you have a new baby, or are struggling with diaper rash, I highly recommend DESITIN as your next cream to give a go. It’s worked wonders for me, and my mom for years.



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