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Easter is just around the corner, and I am on the hunt to create some fabulous Easter baskets this year! Last year we were traveling, so we did Church events and egg hunts. This year, I am ready to add the baskets! I’ve been searching for some cute ideas because I don’t want to just fill it with candy. I’m sure my boys would die for a basket full of Skittles, but let’s be honest, that will just cause a huge, sugar-induced disaster. So, I wanted to find fun ideas that incorporated gardening tools (because of spring planting!), learning activities, faith-based books, and more. I thought you all might be looking for similar ideas, so here’s my list of inspo to get you all started on your Easter baskets!

The First Idea is a Little Gardner’s Theme:

I love this because my little boys love to dig in the dirt. This is my favorite theme because I think it will allow us to learn a lot while offering lots of outside and dirt playing! Here are some great items I would put in the bucket!

Here are the basket ideas for a gardening theme:

You can fill a bucket, rather than a basket, which can be used for digging and dirt later! Then, here’s what you can put in it, to make it super fun!

There are so many product ideas on Amazon for this! I linked a few ideas up top, but if you search around you can find something you think is age-appropriate for your kids. For my older two, I want to incorporate some small seeds and starters like these:

You can add gardening tools like watering cans, maybe a chia pet, or decorate pots with paint too! I think this is so fun, and it encourages kids to be outside and dirty!

Bunny Theme:

This may seem obvious at first, but I think another cute idea is putting together a basket all about caring for a pet bunny. You don’t have to get a real bunny, but you can get all the small items to care for the bunny! I know my boys would love this too because they are obsessed with pets. We finally got a puppy, and I still get daily requests to visit the pet store and see the animals.

First, here are some basket ideas for your bunny theme:

Once you have your basket idea, then you can grab the pet bunny to put in! Check out these cute ones I found!









Once you choose the bunny, you can fill the basket with pet care toys. I wasn’t able to find them separately, so I would just get the puppy kits, and substitute the dog for the bunny. I would save the dog for a surprise sometime later.

Then, add a few fun things like toy carrots and a bunny book!

Spring Break Theme:

I love this one because most are looking forward to some spring weather or a spring break trip! Well, that’s what these baskets are for! This depends on where you are going, but a beach/water theme seems to be the best general idea. Here’s what I would do for the baskets! Personalized buckets. Then, you can fill them with fun things!

Fill them with sand fun toys, hats, water wings, or anything else they might love to bring with them to a sunny location, or want to play with when the sun comes out in your area.

Artist Theme:

I love this idea for my kiddos because they love to paint and color. I just can’t seem to keep them on their paper, and I wind up cleaning colors off the wall. I think any basket works for this theme, but I would do a storage-type basket, so after they find it, I have a special place to keep all their new art supplies. Something like these:


I have to make sure that all the art supplies I buy are washable, and here is what we have, or that I would put in the basket:

I find that the activity bucket or the first set with a small easel can fit into a basket nicely! Then add some fun candy and stickers, and your kids will be happy for hours!! Here are some other marker/crayon options to use as fillers too:

Science Theme:

This one is super fun because it’s all about science experiments! Let’s start with the cool fillers you can put in, then go into the basket ideas.

I like a kit, then I don’t have to search my house for the right ingredients. I have the circuit kit on my list of items to get my older toddler (who just turned 5) because I ran into a mom at Target, and she raved about them for her son. Easter might just be the perfect time to do it! For fillers, I would add some science/learning books.

For the science-themed baskets, I found these cool storage bins!

Explorer Theme:

I love this one because you can use these items right in your backyard!

These explorer sets are super cute, and you can add some explorer books to a fun backpack as your “basket!” My kids would be hunting around the yard for hours with this stuff! Use the backpacks that come in the kits, or I thought these were awesome.

These are my 6 Easter basket themes for you! If you have any other awesome theme ideas, let me know! I’d love to add more! Tell me what’s going to be in your Easter baskets this year!

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