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Some amazing postpartum workout apps will help you get your body back in shape after a baby. And, the postpartum workout apps that I’ve found and used also target your core, abs, pelvic floor and offer diets and meal plans. I’ve found that the best apps are premium apps because they offer the best workouts and content out there. I chose my two favorite postpartum workout apps because there honestly aren’t that many great ones out there. I also have personal experience with both of these, so I can answer questions and give you the full details of how I use them.

These are postpartum workout apps I LOVE and use!

I am not just listing postpartum workout apps that exist, but the ones that I use daily to stay fit with three boys, and find my body again after baby. One of the postpartum workout apps I created, which I will talk about too! That’s how much I believe in postpartum workout apps to help you stay on track and stay motivated! 

Let’s get into my 2 favorite postpartum workout apps for your safe and awesome workouts after baby!

First Postpartum Workout App: Aaptiv

I’ve mentioned this app more than once, and it is the single app that has kept me in shape, challenged me, helped me stay motivated on long runs, and built my booty back after baby. Seriously, I am all over this because you have a personal trainer in your ear. I was skeptical at first, but when I went to the site and listened to some samples, I wanted to at least give it a shot.

I was concerned I would be annoyed with someone talking in my ear, and a playlist I had no control over. But, I was so wrong. My favorite part is NOT having to think up a workout. My second favorite part is that I am challenged and educated all at once.

My third favorite aspect is that they have a new, fourth-trimester workout section, which is a specifically designed postpartum program for new moms! Stroller workouts created just for you! I completely recommend giving it a try for free, then you can decide if you like it after 30 days! The worst-case scenario is that you shed some of that extra weight.

This is what the app looks like when logged in. Kira is the trainer for the postpartum/fourth-trimester workouts. There are LOTS of other trainers and workouts. For example, I can search for strength training workouts in beginner mode, yoga, walking, stretching, and more. I can filter workouts to the trainers I like, the genre of music I like, or the time I have to work out. Here are some more examples of the app when I log in.


There are new workouts added to the app every Monday, so you never run out of workouts to do. You can download your workouts on your phone, so this is the best way if there is no service or wifi, no problem. I like this when running outside. I can honestly tell you that this app helps you run or do cardio way longer than you ever could on your own. Because most of the runs have intervals of some kind, you are constantly thinking about what the trainers say, what’s happening the next minute, and when you get to rest.

I have NEVER run on a treadmill so long in my life, which is SAYING A LOT! Seriously, I’ve been a gym-goer since high school, and not until I used Meg and Akeem did I ever run more than a couple miles on a treadmill. Now, it flies by. The same with outdoor running. You are not thinking so much about running because you are distracted by what your trainer is telling you while still going at your own pace!

Make sure to give it a shot, because you may be surprised at how quickly the workouts go by, once you find the right trainer for you. Give Meg and Akeem a shot right away!

Also, if you are pregnant and thinking ahead, I highly encourage you to check out my pregnancy fitness program, The Belly-Only Pregnancy Fitness Program.  I’ve been requested more than I can count to create a program like this, and now that I am almost done with my certification to become a Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist, I have put all my energy into this new program! If you are looking to stay as fit as possible during pregnancy, protect your pelvic floor, and strengthen your abs SAFELY to prevent Diastasis Recti, this is the program for you! 

Second Postpartum Workout App: The Postpartum Cure

This is the app I created to go with my program. What I love about this app is that it has everything you need postpartum. I start you with a nutrition guideline, meal plan, recipes, and calorie counting methods just for postpartum women. Then, I help you rehabilitate your abdominal muscles through Pilates workouts, I also teach you how to stand properly and perform Kegels and pelvic floor exercises properly. Pelvic floor muscles and abdominal separation take focusing on proper form and specific postnatal exercises to get them back in shape.

You don’t have this in a workout app like Aaptiv, and my app is less expensive. I also update the app every couple of months with new workouts, recipes, and information. The iOS app is almost complete, and when it is, I will be increasing the price, so I highly recommend you check it out now!

The reason I suggest my app and program is because I give you the only holistic, postpartum app. This means that I take you through nutrition, pelvic floor healing, and core work, in addition to hard postpartum workouts that will burn lots of fat. I am almost certified as a Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist, so I know how to get a great fitness routine that is safe and effective. With that certification, I will add more workouts to the app and program.

My workouts aren’t as tech-savvy as Aaptiv, which might be all you need. But, the majority of the time, it is the nutrition aspect that busy moms are ignoring. Without the proper nutrition, you can not lose weight and keep up a healthy milk supply. This is 80% of your weight loss. I cover that as well as the fitness aspect in my app.


The last important differentiating factor to my program is that I am a real mom, always interested in making the program better, the app better and adding things that will help. I am consistently asking for suggestions to help you get to your goals. I recently asked the private Facebook group for suggestions, which led to the creation of the Jump Start 5-day portion, which will take you through baby steps to slowly start. So far, that has been the hardest part for a new mother, just starting your fitness journey with an exercise routine and healthy diet.

Depending on what you are looking for in a postpartum workout app, I know these apps will help you. 

I found that having an app to access makes regular exercise so simple. I also don’t dread working out nearly as much with the Aaptiv fitness app because I don’t have to think up a workout, read an exercise program, or watch a video. I just listen and go! Postpartum exercise is a great way to boost your energy levels as well as build back a stronger core to help with all that baby-carrying you will be doing in the coming months and years!

These are the only two postpartum workout apps you need to achieve your goals and get your body back after a new baby. These provide the best resources right on your phone to help you with your postpartum recovery, for much cheaper than many of the programs, gyms, and personal trainers out there! I did my research, and many of the programs for postpartum mamas are far more expensive, and they don’t even offer apps with them. These postpartum workout apps will be a wonderful investment for your health and strength after your baby! 

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