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Sometimes, it is not easy to find time to have fun with your kids. With the hectic pace of life today and all the housework you need to finish, the time available to spend with our kids is limited.

Being a mother is a huge responsibility. As a parent, your job is to create a healthy and happy environment for your kid. One way to do that is to take time to have fun with them. It can help develop trust and respect among your family and instill good values in the child.

Here are seven tips on how to be a fun mom to your child:

1. Make Arts and Craft Together

Art is one way through which a person can communicate ideas, emotions, and experiences. If you have a child who loves art, you can enroll together in a painting workshop so both of you can learn more about painting. If you are an entrepreneur mom, you can also consider an art franchise to bring art not only to your child but also to a lot of children and art enthusiasts in the vicinity.

There are many community centers where kids from preschool age to teenagers can participate in various craft classes. These classes not only teach kids new skills but also help them interact socially with other people in their age group.

2. Practice Photography Together

Taking photos is easy nowadays. With the invention of smartphone cameras, almost everyone owns a device that can capture fantastic images.

If you are into photography, then sharing this hobby with your kids would be a great way to spend time together and teach them something new at the same time. As a bonus, you can take them to places where they can practice street photography to hone their skills while having fun.

3. Seek Out Adventures With Your Child

Kids also love adventures. If you live near the beach, taking your child there to collect seashells would be a lot of fun. You can also take your child camping with you, where you will roast marshmallows at night around the campfire together with other families who are camping out too.

Fishing is another activity that both you and your child can enjoy doing together during weekends or on school holidays that’s usually free from homework pressure. Kids love fishing, especially if they get to catch a fish. Your child will also benefit from this while you can teach your kids patience and focus.

girl whispering to mom in tent

4. Listen to Their Stories

Kids love to make up stories even when they are still toddlers. As a parent, your role is to listen to them with patience and enthusiasm because it’s during this time that you can communicate with your child on an intellectual level.

For example, if the story is about animals, you can ask more questions about the animal they mentioned in their story, like its name and favorite food. This activity helps improve their imagination and makes them feel that you are interested in what they have to say.

5. Laugh at Their Jokes

Another thing you can do is laugh at your child’s jokes. Even if they are silly, you should laugh even for a bad joke that your kid makes up. By laughing at their jokes, you are encouraging them to make more and share them with you. This would be a good time for both of you because it will improve your child’s ability to sense what makes other people laugh too.

6. Watch a Family Movie or Show Together

One of the things that a parent can do with a child is watching a family movie or show together. Family movies, especially animated ones, are perfect for bonding because kids love them and both you and your kid will be able to learn new lessons from these movies. Also, taking your kid to see a kid-friendly theater show would be great fun, especially if they enjoy music or acting.

7. Start a Random Dance Party

Parents now have made a habit of starting a random dance party at home with their children while in their PJs. This is when parents put some music on and start dancing around their living room. This activity not only brings joy to both you and your child but will also help strengthen your bond.


Make sure you spend some time with your child. Let them know that they are loved by being a fun mom. Even if you have a hectic work schedule, spending time with your kids will bring joy to both of you, and they will surely benefit from it in the future.

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