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If you’re looking for ways to increase your milk supply before your baby arrives, you’re in luck.

I’m sharing all of my best tips for boosting milk production during the last month of pregnancy.

I have successfully breastfed all of my children and I think my success is because of what I do BEFORE the baby arrives.

Yes, believe it or not – there are absolutely things you can start doing now that will set you up for breastfeeding success once your sweet bundle is here.

Let’s learn how to increase your breast milk supply before your baby arrives, shall we?

How To Increase Milk Supply Before Baby

One goal you should have when it comes to increasing milk supply is ensuring your body has what it needs to produce as much colostrum as quickly as possible at birth.

Pro Mama Tip: Make sure to nurse your baby right after birth – yes, as soon as they put the baby on your for that first skin-to-skin. Start by gently encouraging your nipple into their mouth. Doing this will stimulate the production of your colostrum!

Okay on to my top milk producing tips for the last month of pregnancy!

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Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for Milk Supply

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is magical when it comes to increasing your milk supply!

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is high in vitamins and minerals, including Niacin (a B vitamin), which are all great to get your uterus thinking about contractions, as well as producing milk!

It’s not recommended to drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea before 36 weeks, so make sure to talk to your doctor to ensure you are making the right decision. I am only telling you what has worked for me.

I personally believe that this tea helped strengthen my uterus for quick deliveries with my second and third babies. It also encouraged my body to start producing colostrum and breast milk.

Pregnant in the summer? Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is yummy as an iced tea! Sweeten it with a little stevia or sugar and you can sip on it all day.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake and Increase Natural Sugar

I know you might not want to reduce sugar in the last month of pregnancy but hear me out!

Low milk supply has been linked to insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance, in the simplest term, comes from eating a lot of sugar. Basically, blood sugar levels need to be kept stable to ensure your body and hormones are steady for producing milk.

This article is a great one if you want to learn more about what causes insulin resistance.

Since I am someone who loves to eat sweet, sugary things I chose to increase the foods I eat that have natural sugars.

That basically means I increased my fruit intake!

My fav fruits to eat when I’m pregnant and trying to boost my milk supply before the baby comes are blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries.

For an extra treat, I sprinkle on some dark chocolate chips since there isn’t as much sugar in dark chocolate.

Let me tell you, it makes for a dreamy treat and it’s way healthier.

All that fruit provides the vitamins, water, and fiber your body needs while helping you keep your blood sugar and insulin in check.

Take Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is basically the pure gold of plants.

It helps the body build red blood cells and increases oxygen availability.

It will help you with energy (totally necessary in the last few weeks!), prepare you for labor as well as build up your red blood cells and strengthen your body to produce milk!

I found this amazing mint-flavored one! I drop into my water and sip on it throughout the day.

I’ve had two summer pregnancies, so the cool mint water was so refreshing.

High levels of chlorophyll, some lactation experts believe, are particularly conducive to building milk supply in addition to building healthy blood.

I noticed a difference when I took it during my second pregnancy – the milk-producing results were obvious because I didn’t use chlorophyll during my first pregnancy.

Now, I can say that there is a huge difference between your first baby and second baby in general, so I recommend giving it a try.

It can’t hurt to ensure you provide the most milk possible when the baby gets here!

There you have it! My best ways to increase milk supply before your baby arrives! If you try one and it works, would you mind letting me know?

I love hearing from my readers especially when they’re successful at boosting their milk supply and making their breastfeeding journey so much easier!

Your nutrition is key to your milk supply at birth – so make sure you’re eating as clean as possible.

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