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​I’ve always been daunted by the idea of building an email list. What will I email them? What do I have to offer that people are interested in? What valuable information can I offer as a freebie incentive? If you want to skip straight to the questions, sign up here!
As a new blogger, the task of coming up with an offer that will help other bloggers is hard because we aren’t yet confident in our abilities.
Well, it took me quite some time to craft something. I ran multiple ideas over in my head, and basically, I didn’t put pressure on myself to build an email list right away. With pressure, I was afraid my offer wouldn’t be genuine or just a cheesy attempt to get sign ups.
I focused on creating content I loved first. I wrote, and still write about what I want to tell people. I write in things I love, and share advice I think will help other moms. I was tempted to feel like I was behind when I read other bloggers stories of thousands of subscribers.

Fast forward a few months, and my content creation enabled me to see what I was good at. It allowed my readers to see the different facets of who I am as a blogger, and tell me what they wanted to know more about. One thing that stood out from various comments were my photos.
My Instagram is growing like a weed with engaged followers. Followers I connect with and usually follow back because we are similar! These are true connections, who like my feed and photos.
Brands noticed me as a baby account, and the number of brands who send me complimentary products or sponsor my posts is growing. I decided I’d write a quick tutorial on how I connected with brands and reached out to brands as well.
It worked. I posted it in a Facebook group I knew would be interested, and I felt really good about it because I was confident it was a solid post and instruction list in line with my passion.
I got 200 hits to that post in a couple hours. I got over 60 subscribers in the following couple days, which is great considering there were some problems! I have a lost of people who couldn’t sign up, but sent me their email directly.

I know 60 subscribers isn’t a lot, but it’s s lot more than 0. More importantly, I know these subscribers are interested in Instagram growth, which is what my ebook is about. Growing your Instagram through creating a clean, unified aesthetic that is irresistible.
Having trouble figuring how what your freebie should be? Sign up to get the list of questions I asked myself to come up with my freebie.
Want to grow your Instagram and connect with brands? Sign up for my freebie below, or check out the post! If you have trouble, shoot me an email, and I’ll send it right over to you! (

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  1. That’s a great achievement, well done! Thanks for sharing what worked for you 🙂 I’ve heard so many people talk about the importance of an email list but I’ve never gotten around to it, maybe I should! 🙂

    Hope you are having a good week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Katie Pickett Reply

      It really is important as a blogger, but so difficult to figure out what to offer! I hope it helped you!

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