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Back-to-school season is officially here in Florida, which being a Pacific Northwestern, it seems a little crazy to be starting school the beginning of August. This means I have to wake up early, pack food and get everyone dressed in one, quick swoop. In order to accomplish this with all three of my boys, I HAVE to have lunches and snacks packed the night before.

My children are also not big eaters and very picky. This makes packing a lunch they will actually eat very challenging. I made the mistake of packing two cookies for dessert, and of course he ATE NOTHING but the cookies. That was a fail on the first day, so I needed to get smarter. My first-grader also won’t eat a tuna or turkey sandwich because it gets warm and smelly. I’m left with a limited number of options for help my little boy get through the day and actually eat his lunch.

Pizza is such an awesome option because it actually offers carbs, fat and protein all in one. This is something my little one will eat cold! YES! The best part is that I can make it for dinner one night, then throw it in my lunch basket in the fridge for the next morning.

Sweet Earth’s Frozen Pizza found at Whole Foods is my new favorite! I LOVE that it is high in protein, because this is really important for sustaining energy during the LONG day. This is the biggest complaint from my first-grader – the school day is so long. Sweet Earth’s pizzas come in a variety of options that include Vegan, Organic and High-Protein.

What really sets Sweet Earth apart in my opinion is the crust. The crust is so far above many of the crusts out there in terms of nutrition, that I feel so good about my boys eating it at lunch time. It is 70& organic, includes organic chia, quinoa and other ancient grains. This is essential to helping your child keep a balanced blood sugar through the full school day. There is also flax seed, olive oil, and psyllium fiber to help keep that crust as nutritious as possible. Of course this is NON-GMOR too, which many frozen pizzas are not. Heck, if they want this for breakfast my boys can have it!

I personally tried their veggie-lover’s pizza and paired it with a salad, it was so good!!

I was really impressed with the cauliflower herb sauce. I’m not sure how they did it, but it was amazing!! I even paired it with a salad, so I got in lots of veggies, but felt like I was eating lots of pizza. The crust was surprising good as well, and full of nutrient-dense foods like carrots and chia.

I never thought to put corn and Brussels sprouts on my pizza, such a good idea. If your kids will eat anything green, then definitely have them try this!

Sweet Earth is at your local Whole Foods and available nation-wide, so check to see where you can buy it near you! 



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