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I have lots of memories of Thanksgiving as a child where we would cozy up on the floor, picnic style near the adult’s table. It was so fun and comfortable to have our own space where my cousins and I could laugh, play, and eat. The adults had their own space for all that adult talk we weren’t interested in. Because I have such fond memories of our Thanksgiving picnic I am completely sold on the tradition for my children. And, I put together my own kid’s table for them this year complete with a full-on coloring table cloth. I NEED them to stay busy for as long as possible. Being that they are 4,5, 3, and 1, I might get 15 minutes out of the whole thing, but sometimes that 15 minutes feels like an hour.

First off, a kid’s table for Thanksgiving is a great place the kids can practice giving thanks with each other. Having the oldest one lead the table in giving thanks and sharing what everyone is is the cutest thing ever #heartmelt. I filled the table with Rosemary leaves for some fun green, and it smelled great. But, I didn’t want to do a lot of decor that could get destroyed. The table prints and sign are from Caravan Shoppe, and they were $12! Such a deal, I had them printed at Staples as Engineer prints, and they were ready the same day. If you don’t have time to run there, print the smaller prints and tape them to the table cloth.

The kids can feel big. They get to have their own table and space to be like the adults. It’s like playing make-believe. The older ones can help the younger ones with their food and take on some responsibility. The plates are from Target, and they are plastic, so no worries about anything breaking. I am obviously going to use them for Christmas too. If you sign up for their Red Card you get 5% off every day, it’s just a Debit card (not another credit card!!), and you get early access to their Black Friday deals!

Spills and messes don’t matter. This table cloth is cheap, the paper prints are there to look super cute for a hot 5 seconds, then they’ll be filled with colors and food stains. Adults can relax and not worry about the kids spilling on the nice dining table. I filled the table with clementines because they keep their little hands busy, and they LOVE THEM!!

Most importantly, adults can relax and eat for 5 minutes. I’ve attempted Thanksgiving meals with my toddlers, and it’s basically a mess fest where I get 5 bites. With a kid’s table, I can sit my children at their table with washable markers to color anywhere they like, and have a second to enjoy my family. I may even be able to have a conversation without interruptions before someone throws food. That’s something to be thankful for in itself!

If you love the plates, I grabbed them at Target of course. I basically wanted to spend every last dollar and buy the whole store of holiday decor, but I was able to get out of there with just the plates and candles. Are you having a kid’s table this year??  I’d love to know!

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