Delicious Protein Powders Perfect For Breastfeeding Moms

As spring starts sprouting pretty flowers, and the sun begins waking us up from our winter hibernation, I can’t help but crave smoothies! Smoothies are such a great way to take in a lot nutrients, which if you are breastfeeding, you need! Smoothies also fill us up with good calories, which is a great tool for losing the baby weight. I have a post, The 5 Foods To Help You Lose The Baby Weight and Pump Up Your Milk Supply. It features a great smoothie recipe there. Here, I want to go over some of the best protein powders for nursing moms, and why the are so great.

Let me also just tell you that when  I think of a smoothie, it’s more of a snack for me. I don’t consider them full meals unless I load them up with two scoops of protein powder and make them huge. A smoothie is a great pick-me-up in the afternoon when everyone is feeling sluggish. That’s my favorite time to have a smoothie because I can also satisfy my sweet tooth, depending on the flavor I use!

Okay, let’s get to the list.

Perfect Protein Powders For Breastfeeding Moms:

Baby Booster Prenatal Protein Powder: I realize that this is a prenatal protein powder, but prenatal vitamins are fabulous for nursing mothers too! This is soy free, gluten free, artificial sweetener free, no preservatives or artificial colors. Its really as natural as you can get when it comes to something like a powder. It has 250% of your daily Vitamin B6, which is a huge energy booster and needed to absorb folic acid. Anything with an energy boost for a nursing mother is at the top of my list. We need it, and your bodies need the vitamins. 20 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber and 2 grams of sugar make this one a winner for me!

Fitmiss Delight: I’m in love with this one, especially for breastfeeding because everything is completely natural, it’s high in protein AND there some great vitamin Bs in there. Those are superb for tired mamas. It has a fruits and vegetable blend to really help you get those vitamins in, and there are digestive enzymes to help you digest your food. Enzymes are so important because if your food isn’t digested properly, you won’t absorb the nutrition. They also help if you have any type of IBS. I have personally dealt with IBS, and I will have a post up soon on the digestive enzymes and supplements that literally have cured my IBS. The flavor I like is Chocolate because I can do some great banana chocolate smoothies where I sneak in spinach, or chocolate frappucinos.


ideallean: I’m putting this one on here, even though I actually can’t consume much of it because it uses Sucralose to sweeten it up. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve dealt with IBS, and Sucralose is a major trigger for me. But, if you have no issues with Sucralose, which many don’t, this protein powder tastes really good and focuses on Folic Acid, which is still important when your breastfeeding, not just when your pregnant. Vitamin D is also big in this powder. Now, when you’ve been out of the sunshine all winter, a boost in Vitamin D can do wonders for your mood. This powder has 100 % per serving. There’s also a Chromium blend included in this  protein. When I was working at a doctor’s office, he noticed that I always craved sweets. The doctor immediately gave me Chromium supplements to help diminish that because apparently your body craves sweets when it is deficient in Chromium. This powder has the Chromium in it, so you don’t have to take another supplement to help reduce those cravings.


Gym Vixen Sexy Whey: The name is totally cheesy, but this is a top seller for good reason. This powder is very similar to the idealfit, yet the just upped the game with more Vitamin D and more Folic acid per serving. The taste of this one is good, and it offers a 100 % back guarantee, which I like because sometimes you just don’t like the taste! You can’t help it, so you are safe giving this one a shot.

Naturade Vegansmart: I like this one for all the vegan mamas out there because it offers a really well-rounded blend of all sorts of nutrients. It has all-natural sweeteners, rather than the Sucralose and a pre-biotic blend including Aloe Vera. In addition to that, you have a whole-foods compound blend added, which is stocked with broccoli, pineapple, carrot root, beat root, spinach leaf and more. The protein is based off of plant proteins like pea, rather than whey, so its a different type of protein which is perfect if you are vegan, or if you don’t do well with whey powders.

There you have my list of the best protein powders. Things to keep in mind when you are nursing are the chemicals you put in your body. I am not a doctor or any sort of health professional, so I can’t advise you, but I can say that I am not perfect in what I consume, nor do I try to be. In this world of crazy toxic everything, I just don’t have the time and energy to worry about it. What I can do is put the best foods in my body to supply my baby with the best milk. Protein powders help me do this as a busy mom because life gets so fast and messy. I find it hard to make something for the kids, get that cleaned up, then have the energy to make something for myself. With a nice smoothie, I can get a lot of nutrients in, with a little bit of mess and prep. In the stage with multiple little ones, I think that’s doing pretty well!


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