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I was able to lose the baby weight pretty fast after my second baby. I am on track to lose the baby weight fast this time too, with little weight left to lose, but some muscle and sheer physical fitness to gain back. Update: See how I lost the baby weight by six weeks!
I lost all the baby weight fairly quickly mostly because I stayed healthy and active during pregnancy, but not because of my postpartum workout. The truth is, the fitter you are during pregnancy, the faster you’ll lose your extra pregnancy fluff. Easier said than done. When you hit the postpartum mark, and you have your chubby little one in your arms, the itch to get rid of any pregnancy resemblance becomes very strong. Enter postpartum weight-loss plan of attack! Gym membership we meet again.

The 5 Best Foods To Lose The Baby Weight and Pump Up Your Milk Supply

3 Tricks I Use To Lose The Baby Weight That Worked Three Times Now



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Delicious Protein Powders Perfect For Breastfeeding Moms

So, if you’re embarking on the postpartum sweat, here’s why your workout isn’t working.

Your postpartum workout is not going to burn enough of the baby fat. As we start sweating and getting sore, it is easy to believe we burned a lot of calories. No pain no gain right? Well, the truth is you burned less than you think, especially if you aren’t doing any cardio. Your nutrition has amazing power to help you lose the baby weight. 

Focusing on your food all day everyday is a lot harder than focusing on a 30 minute workout. It really is. You have a lot of opportunities to put something in your mouth.

Your diet is 80% of weight loss, and a lot of people don’t want to admit that because it is harder to do. The real challenge is in making healthy food choices, not necessarily working out. I really agreed with this statement by Shawn M Talbott, PhD on the Huffington Post:

Eat Smart

Expert: Shawn M. Talbott, PhD, nutritional biochemist and former director of the University of Utah Nutrition Clinic

“As a rule of thumb, weight loss is generally 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise. An analysis of more than 700 weight loss studies found that people see the biggest short-term results when they eat smart. On average, people who dieted without exercising for 15 weeks lost 23 pounds; the exercisers lost only six over about 21 weeks. It’s much easier to cut calories than to burn them off. For example, if you eat a fast-food steak quesadilla, which can pack 500-plus calories, you need to run more than four miles to ‘undo’ it!

Get this, exercise can even cause you to eat more than you should if you are trying to lose weight. Your body doesn’t naturally want to let go of the weight, so you have to keep your mind above how you feel at times, and know where you are really at with your intake and output. See what New York City nutritionist Dana James, MS, CNS, CDN has to say on the matter in an article published on Elle magazine.

I always tell my clients that it’s 80 percent diet, 20 percent exercise,” she says. “It’s definitely most important to get the diet right, especially since we tend to underestimate what we eat and overestimate what we burn. Moreover, the more we lose weight, the lower our calorie burn (a 200 pound woman will burn far more calories in spin class than a 120 pound woman).

Focusing on Nutrition To Lose The Baby Weight

Your diet and meals is going to get you the most success when losing the weight after having a baby. I like the article, Eating vs Exercise: Why Your Food Choices Always Win to help bring the point across. If you want to get rid of the extra pounds, focus on whole, natural, clean foods and consider the amounts you are consuming. Find an eating plan that works for you and focus on that to achieve the weight you want to be at.

One game-changer for me was adding protein shakes

with this amazing, clean protein powder. It is PERFECT for breastfeeding mamas because it offers milk-boosting ingredients. It is also free of chemicals, plant-based and no artificial sweeteners. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from the hundreds of moms who’ve tried it! I also wrote a post that goes over the ingredients, as well as another post comparing a few different brands of protein powders for breastfeeding moms.

Work Out For Health, Energy and Sanity

This post is not to diminish the importance of working out in any way. The goal is to bring to light the role your diet plays in your weight loss and the need for exercise in your life, not for weight loss. Exercise brings more than a method to burn calories. It shouldn’t be seen as merely that. Exercise is your natural anti-depressant and mood-lifter. It gives you more energy than you had. It builds and maintains muscle, so you can live and move without injury as you age. Working out will keep you young. It tells your body your alive and moving. Workout to build balance in your mind, soul and body. They all connect in the moments you are challenging yourself through the cycling class or boot camp. That’s why you work out. Working out just to burn calories is almost offensive. Its so much more than that for your life and longevity.

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I have a very specialized program for postpartum mamas looking to heal, nourish and regain their strength. I really struggled healing after my first child, and even went through pelvic floor physical therapy for weeks to manage scar tissue that developed from tearing. I have experience studying nutrition, physical therapy and I taught Pilates, so I’ve put together a program I wish I would’ve followed from the beginning.

A program that first heals your body through specialized movements and nourishing foods. Foods are so essential to your body finding the nutrients it needs to put itself back together again. Your postpartum body needs special care in the first 4-6 weeks where you focus on regaining strength and properly fueling your body for breastfeeding.

Here is what one mama emailed me on the program:

“I absolutely love the program! Just got finished with workout 4 and I’m dying😂 I can only do these 2x thru and my second round is pretty funny to see I’m sure😉! I will work up to 3x:-) By the way, your little boy angel in the videos is too precious and makes me smile! My boys have been doing these with me as well🙌🏼!

The information and the eating plan are both fantastic. I was so happy to hear that great waynof calorie counting when nursing! I have gotten my 3 day average and now I’m going to reduce by 100 calories today! Thanks so much!!
I haven’t had a chance to recommend to postpartum moms yet but I will soon!! 😘

Here is what another mama posted in the Facebook Group:

Feeling GREAT on this program!!! It’s unbelievable how eating clean makes such a difference. Let me rephrase that…it’s amazing the difference eating nutrient dense foods makes! My skin is glowing and I’m already shedding pounds! I also tried the first workout today and did well although I had to modify a bit and omit the backwards burpee (I had cesarean just over a month ago and don’t quite feel ready for that exercise just yet but I will get there). Loving this plan! Thank you SO MUCH for tour help! Currently eating pictures lunch while writing this ​”

This program then moves you into gaining physical fitness back. I will never forget the first time I tried to go for a run around 12 weeks postpartum after my first baby. I didn’t do any strength work, so I was literally jelly. I had lost all my extra fat and my previous muscle. So depressing. I was barely able to start gaining it back before I got pregnant and sick again with my second. I’ve learned so much on maintaining muscle postpartum through a unique diet and Pilates routines. I walk you through all of this too!

Lastly, I take you into a workout program to combine with a meal plan to help you lose the baby weight, not your milk!! !

Enroll in the course before the price goes up after July 4th!

I created this program to be affordable and realistic for new mams!

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  1. This so true, which is what makes losing the baby weight tough. I am breastfeeding and my supply is not super high so I don’t want to cut back on calories and risk losing it all together. I may just have to wait until we are done nursing to really get after losing the baby weight.

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