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As a busy mama, I know how difficult it can be to get a workout in. I am just now able to grab some more time for workouts as my little ones are getting older. When they were all 4 and under, it was almost impossible unless I strapped them all in the stroller and just ran as far as they would let me. As a Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist, I have learned some super quick and effective moves that will get your heart rate up and help you burn some fat, even if all you can spare is 15 minutes. Most of us can grab 15 minutes here or there, and I don’t feel as guilty about letting my children watch their favorite show for 15 minutes.

Sometimes, staying healthy as a mama means taking advantage of fast and easy. I am in love with the new 1915 TM Organic Protein beverages I found at Publix. They are an organic, vegan, plant-based, and dairy-free beverage! With 12 g of protein, it is a perfect post-workout fuel option that takes no prep at all. I am obsessed with their coffee version because let’s face it, I need both caffeine and protein. I also love that it is plant-based protein, which if you read all my fitness-related posts, you know I am a big fan of. Almond milk is my milk of choice, and the base of these are almond milk, so I love the taste. You can visit Publix , and I highly recommend it for a post-workout snack option, or an afternoon pick-me-up!

The 15-minute fat burning workout I put together is something you can do anywhere, and the only piece of equipment I used was a bench, or something I could step up on. This allows you to get your heart rate moving more, as well as engage your muscles. It makes just the smallest bit of difference, so you will get a larger bang for your time working out. I seriously need every minute to count, so that is why adding a step can really help. You could use your couch, but some sort of bench is the best. A chair will be too wobbly, so if you don’t have a bench, you can modify by just stepping at ground level.

Let’s go over some important tips on working out as a mama:

First, you want to make sure you take things slow if you recently had a baby. Healing your core and allowing your muscles to strengthen again will prevent any major injury from happening, as well protect your core. Healing your core and pelvic floor after having babies is more important than you may realize, so make sure you’ve taken time to do that, or add that into your workout routine (after you’ve spoken to your doctor about this first).

Second, don’t push yourself too hard. Our bodies are completely different after giving birth. Things move and stretch, and it is important not to jump into an intense workout routine too fast. You could wind up giving up because it feels too hard, or you are sore for days. Slowly building endurance and muscle is the best way to go!

Third, your nutrition is the most important aspect of losing weight and feeling your best. Many mamas want to hurry and get their workout in, then ignore the nutritional factor. Eating enough protein is very important, in addition to eating the right amount of calories. Start by writing down your food intake for a few days, so you can really open your eyes to how many fruit, vegetables and protein you eat. Lean proteins are very important to not only your muscles, but skin, hair and nails. We need protein, and sometimes it is hard to eat protein on the go, which is why I am super excited to find these 1915TM Organic Protein beverages! Such an awesome, fast way to grab some protein.

I hope you feel prepared for the workout now! Let’s get to the video!

Remember to grab the Publix and head to Publix to try these out!


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