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I believe that losing the baby weight offers such a significant struggle because our minds and bodies are totally transformed outside of our control during pregnancy. If we could control what happens, things would be a lot different. Our bodies just start ballooning with all this excess water weight, we get exhausted, yet can’t sleep, our feet double in size (why?!!), and all sorts of other shockers. Pregnancy is a grueling experience, terminated with a painfully frightening labor and delivery trauma. Labor and delivery is traumatic for me. I don’t like pain. I don’t like things just happening that I can’t control. Blood, bodily fluids and yelling like an animal in a public place just don’t sit well with me. These experiences take a toll on our mind. Our bodies are a product of our mind.

Did you catch that? Your body is a product of your mind. I want to help you change your mind, so you can change your body.

First, Have the funeral for your pre-baby body.

Let yourself mourn and reminisce for a day, then shut that door. Maybe stalk your old Facebook or Instagram photos of the days when you felt your best. Remember all the hot heels your wore? Or maybe all the miles you ran without a stroller? It’s all gone. Taken away in a matter of 9 months, so go ahead and shed a little tear, then accept your new body.

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Second, Accept Your Mom Bod.

Go ahead and examine it. Get used to how it feels. Let it heal from birthing a baby and slowly get to know it. This is a body that has accomplished a miracle. This is a body that has been through a lot. This body is stronger, better and your mama body. Believe in it. You are probably uncomfortable with the changes. That’s normal, but with you can’t accomplish new things without change. You can’t transform into a better person without permanent change. Your body just transformed into a mother. Accept the accomplish, and focus on the beauty of what that means.

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Third, Take The Challenge Your Body Is Giving You

The body you have now has so much more potential than before! Your body before was childless. This body is a warrior, and let it fight. Push your body to the limits it’s craving, and give it the fuel to perform at its peak. Birthing a child is on par with an Olympic medal in my opinion. Use that medal as your motivation to move forward and focus on the fitness goals you can accomplish now.

Lord knows its going to be harder with however many little ones you have. I workout at home right now, and I can honestly say I can’t stand working out at home with my kids. Literally every 2 minutes I am pausing my workout to stop a fight, pick someone up, find a toy or just wonder where the kids went and what kind of trouble they are in. I have three boys. They are the definition of trouble.

But, if you mourn the loss of your old body and open your arms to your new challenge, you can transform your thought process. When you transform your thought process, your actions will transform as well. Your mind won’t dwelling on what was, and look for sweet treats to feel better. Your mind will celebrate what you have, and look to love and nurture with nutritious foods.

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