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Millennial Moms are like the popular social group right now. We’re the girls who do it all. We are intelligent, educated, savvy, business owners and full-time moms. We do an insane amount, yet we are always looking for more ways to be home and make money. Its basically one of the biggest dreams we aspire to achieve:to stay home with our children and provide financially in some way.

There are a lot of posts listing tons of work-at-home jobs where companies are hiring sales reps and associates, but the pay isn’t that great, and you still need someone to watch your kids while you do your job 8-5 remotely. The insanely creative ideas I have for you are not those. These are ideas that tap into the skills of Millennial Moms, have pay potential and don’t require a nanny because it can all be done on your own schedule. Let’s get started with the list:

Ways To Make Money At Home For Millennial Moms.


Social Media Account Profile Creator:

You can start thanking me for this idea by sending Starbucks my way. This is one of my best ideas because we, as Millennial Moms, are experts at social media. We set up, administer and design our own profiles, so why not offer the skills to others? There are actually a lot of businesses out there who understand they need a social presence, but they don’t have any idea how to create a Facebook page, Pinterest account etc. They will gladly pay you to set these accounts up and help them post on a regular basis. As we all know, lots of social media posts can be scheduled during nap time and at night, so you don’t need any office hours that require a nanny to watch your child. Its simple, you are qualified, so get going! How do you find these businesses? Start locally in your town, and go talk to small business owners directly. Google local businesses and see if they have a social presence. If not, call them or just walk in the store and start talking. Part of making money on your own is being a hustler. Babies are a big ice breaker if you’re shy, so put your front pack on as a conversation starter.

Ebay/Craigslist Administrator:

This is actually a gem of an idea as well because I know personally, many people who have a lot of items they’d like to sell, but they have no idea how to use Ebay, Craigslist or OfferUp. These are second nature to us Millennials. Start looking for people who have items to sell, (hint garage sales) and pitch them the idea that you’ll help them sell their stuff online and take a percentage of what you sell. You can market in Facebook for-sale groups, post ads and take pictures all with your baby in your lap! No childcare costs, easy to do and no money straight to your pocket!

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Virtual Assistant

This idea is more popular, but that’s because it’s such a fabulous option for Millennial Moms, who have tons of tech skills and want to stay home with their kids. The key here is to find a client that allows you to complete a list of tasks by a certain day or deadline, so you can accomplish things when it works for you and your kids. Maybe you can put in a few hours when your husband gets home, after everyone is asleep, or before everyone wakes up. The beauty is that it’s up to you! Most people need virtual assistants to handle social media accounts, tackle small administration tasks like organizing emails and editing content. Virtual Assistants are growing in popularity, which is bringing the pay down, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the lowest hourly to get started. Be confident and honest in your skills. Find a client that needs whatever you are best at, so you can charge more.

So Millennial Moms, there are three creative options to work from home without needing a nanny. Hiring a part time nanny for part time jobs, or paying for day care dramatically cuts into your pay check. These ideas allow you to spend the most time with your little ones, while still making the most money for your skills!

Please let me know if you are success with one of these ideas, or if you have more to add! We want to help and encourage each other in this messy mom life!

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