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I was the blogger who was obsessed with reading income reports from other bloggers. Most of us are working hard when we first start our blogs, to figure out the famous equation. What plus what will bring in a decent amount of money.

By studying other bloggers income reports, I was able to understand the different income streams that are out there. But, many bloggers, myself included, where always wanting me to buy something. They mentioned their referrals to Convertkit or BoardBooster, and I thought, great, but I’m not making any money, so I can’t buy anything yet.

Update: I am above 50k pageviews and made my first $1,000!!! 

Making My First $1000 From Blogging

A couple months later, my pride was going down, and I was desperate to get my traffic up. I had been blogging six months and made $50. I found Carly’s book, Pinteresting Strategies, and because at the time (I believe its $32 now) it was only $17.99, I “splurged” and invested in my blog.

I bought the book just this past March 2017. I finally read it the middle of March and started putting the strategies to work. You will see in my report screen shot below a huge spike in traffic. I had never gone over maybe 200 visits a day, then I hit an all-time high at 800!! For me, being a new blogger, that was huge. I couldn’t believe it!


See that huge jump in traffic? That was my first viral pin. I had never seen anything like it! The post that brought in the $300 last month? This One:

How I Got My First Viral Pin

I wasn’t going to make money, until I spent money and learned what other bloggers were trying to tell me. What’s great about investing in other bloggers, is you have the opportunity to earn that money back and become an affiliate.

I was so sold on Carly’s book, and I still am, that I emailed her about being an affiliate. I made over $300 dollars just talking about her book. I now have bloggers emailing me letting me know how happy they are with the book!

In essence, by investing $17.99, I got my money back and made a healthy profit, as well as learned some strategies to continue to increase my page views. I hit a 2k day, just last week, and I danced all over! When you are new to blogging, those days are so exciting!

In addition to finally getting a viral pin and understanding Pinterest. I went from 6,266 page views as shown above in March to 17,853 in April. Take a look below:

I hope you understand my point of this post. You need to invest in other bloggers and resources to really get somewhere, and I wish I would’ve done it sooner. I would be so much farther along now! If you haven’t gotten into Pinterest, or need direction and help, get Carly’s book. Seriously. It’s worth it. Then, ask to become an affiliate and talk about how it worked, so you can earn the investment back! It’s a win win for us all.

If you want to invest in your blog, but Pinterest isn’t your focus or weakness, check out this post:

Let’s Start Your Blog and Make Money Now By Doing What I Should’ve Done

I talk about the investments I made, which I highly suggest.

If Pinterest is already working for you, I’ve made my next investment with  Lena’s book, 17 strategies to Increase Page views. Its a gold mind, and she accepted me to become an affiliate for her relaunch, Traffic Transformation with 21 Strategies. I’m reviewing the new version now, and there is more information on SEO, which is so important and vital to the longevity of your blog, Google Plus and Facebook I never new. If you want a special $29 off code when it launches, shoot me an email,, and I’ll let you know when it’s live!

And guess what? This last month isn’t a fluke. I’m still on-track to beat last month’s pageviews, despite the fact that we moved, and I stopped pinning for a while because I’ve been implementing the strategies in Lena’s book! Shoot me an email, let me know if you want the special code for her re-launch, and let’s talk blogging! I am not that busy and popular to where I can’t respond to an email 🙂

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How I Pin Over 800 Pins In One Week

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      Oh yes, Pinterest is such an important platform as almost any blogger!

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