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As a mom, there’s not a whole lot I really want for Christmas. Sure, I could use a new tripod or laptop, but for some reason I don’t get as excited about those items as I do blogging gifts. Like, just thinking about some of the new Pinterest strategies I can learn from some of the experts gets me so happy! If you are a blogger like me, who loves to blog and loves to grow their blog as a business, then this list is just for you! Most of these resources you need to purchase, but they are all under $100, and I have some great free resources in there too!  This post contains affiliate links. 

Pinterest Strategies: (MOPSAVE20 for a 20% for Black Friday through Cyber Monday!!) Yes, I know you’ve heard all about it, and I’m another blogger giving you an affiliate link to her book. I’ve been pushing her book since May 2017 because it is seriously an amazing resource. Since I bought her book I was getting to just about 6k pageviews a month. I am now at 100k pageviews and growing because I still use her strategy. I’ve even cheated on her strategy with Board Booster and  Tailwind to make sure her’s was the best. It is. My traffic dropped using both. The book goes over exactly how to pin, when to pin and what pins to pin based off of your Google Analytics information, which is key to understanding which pins are the ones with big click counts.

Tailwind: Yep, my traffic dropped using it to pin, BUT it is so helpful for stats! BoardBooster will also give you stats, but for some reason the Tailwind information on Group boards is what I really get into. If you haven’t signed up for this yet, then you must! You can use it free for all your group board stats! It is so important to understand which group boards to pin to. Take this as your permission to sign up and learn something new! Free Christmas present!

How To Make Money Blogging at Any Level: This book is such a great Christmas gift to your blogging self! It’s affordable, and I had so many “OMG Why wasn’t I signed up for this?!” moments because she walks you through WHERE to make money depending on where your pageview stats are. How I wasn’t aware of some of the sponsored post opportunities and ad networks is beyond me, because I’ve ready like every blogging tips and tricks post out there. So, this is worth the money because you’ll make it all back and more in a heart beat. Merry Christmas!

Upgrade the Blog: I had to upgrade my blog because of traffic, and I wanted it to be faster. It’s a small investment that makes a big return. Users don’t like a slow blog at all. How Site Speed Affects Your Business is a good read. You can upgrade to WP Engine to improve your site speed for only $29 a month. That’s such a good deal for a faster site, that allows you to still show off your photography and have large images! Here’s your 20% off code WPE20OFF.  Give the gift of a fast site to yourself and everyone else! You’ll see a drastic improvement in your bounce rate if you have a slower blog.

HERE’s MY OWN FREEBIE! I currently make over 3k a month just blogging and raising my babies. I would never have that opportunity if I didn’t just go for it and start. If you want to know how I make that much money, I break it down in a pdf with FREE TIPS AND TRICKS to make money blogging without teaching people how to blog!! I make no money with blogging courses and very little from blogging affiliates per month.

Grab the free pdf! I only send out FABULOUS blogging tips once a week, including income reports and my plans to grow my blog. I seriously hate salesy emails, so I will send myself to the grave before I send those to you!

Get a New Theme: Along with upgrading the blog, sometimes its so much fun to redesign and get a new theme. I love to design, so this was a fun present to myself a few months back. Usually, you can buy a theme from somewhere like Themeforest, and you can install the theme as it shows in the demo site. Then, all you have to do is replace the demo content with your content, and your site looks super pretty! The themes range in price, and there is support with them, so you can get help too. Themeforest is the place I’ve used the most, and they have themes all below $80 and mostly around $50.

Traffic Transformation Guide: This book really does just that. It transforms where you get traffic and how. I have 100s of people coming to my blog every day now just from Google. They are completely organic, and I don’t have to do anything to get them. My posts pop up on the first page for search terms like, “Craving Sugar While Breast Feeding” or “Connecting with Brands on Instagram.” I used her guide to help me do this, and its a great investment if you want to really rock 2018!!

Thanksgiving Black Friday and Cyber Monday Code for 40% off!!! Code: bf40

She’s also offering a special Black Friday Income and Traffic Boost bundle!! 

Irresistible + Authentic Instagram Book: Okay, this is my book, but its such an affordable gift for the blogger who wants to step up their photo game and Instagram. To be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. I love photos and working with brands. I do not like the buying followers and algorithm stuff. It makes it hard to grow. But, you don’t have to have a lot of followers to work with big brands and be successful. You just have to take the tips I give you in my book, and learn to take the right photos. It’s a great read if that’s on your goal list for 2018. If you aren’t sure about the book, but want help connecting with brands, check out my free strategy! 

Tripod For Your Phone: This can really step up your game. A new camera or lens with a beautiful bokeh effect can take you to a new level,but it will add up to hundreds of dollars.  A tripod allows you to be your own photographer, so no matter when and where, you can get the right photo. There are some great camera kits on sale this time of year, if you can afford a bit more, and I think that’s worth the money if you are wanting a larger than life Christmas present. If that is way out of your league this year, don’w worry! You can grab a smart phone tripod for $25, which will still up your game and help with photos.

Read these FREE GUIDES: Yes I have some free stuff too, because bloggers just starting out don’t want to spend a dime til they make a dime. That was exactly me. But, you still want to read quality and helpful information, so I linked up Ivory Mixes free guides, where you can also access 300 free stock photos on her site! AMAZING way to start off 2018 without spending anymore money, yet still learning lots and growing.

Blogging is getting more and more competitive, and this is the time of year to invest in more knowledge and courses to be ahead of the game. It’s worth it to put at least one of these on your Christmas list this year, to motivate and propel you for next year!




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  1. I am enjoying your blog. I like your down to earth style of writing. I look forward to following you and learning from you!

    • Katie Pickett Reply

      I hope it helps you!! Let me know if you have questions on any of the gift ideas!

  2. Do you recommend Boardbooster and TailWind or not? In one part about the Pinterest strategy ebook, you say your traffic dropped using both, then you recommend it two sentences later. Which is it? Thank you!

    • Katie Pickett Reply

      Shoot, I will go in and clarify that! I use both for stats and information, but not for actual pinning. Both BoardBooster and Tailwind give a great amount of detail and information on which of your group boards get repins, have the most followers and more. I am just learning now, from another course I’m finishing, how to understand exactly the best performing group boards, but what I looked at were new followers in the last 7 days, new pins and repins. It helps you know which boards to focus on!

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