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Fall and winter sports always bring super fun days, but also very long days for the whole family. Especially if you have multiple children in weekend sports to shuttle from game to game. I’ve found that packing snacks appropriately is really important to keeping everyone (including myself!) happy and enthusiastic.

Melt downs can quickly happen if kids are bored, hungry or tired. I try to pack nourishing snacks to keep my little ones from getting hungry, and also to keep them busy. Little snacks keep them occupied, while also keeping them from getting too hungry. I put together some of my best tips for packing snacks and powering up on long sports days. Even if it isn’t a sport day, it could be a zoo day, park day or some other fun adventure that requires some strategic packing!

Here’s 7 Ways we Power up For Long Days:

First, Lots of Protein:

It is super easy to fall into the crackers, bread and chips trap because they are so easy to pack, and protein is a bit harder to prepare and pack up. My boys and I both love the Jif® Power Ups™. They come in two different forms – Jif® Power Ups™ Creamy Clusters and Jif® Power Ups™ Chewy Bars. Both are awesome, and the peanut butter provides some necessary protein. Jif® Power Ups™ are an energizing, filling, nourishing snack that my kids actually like! There is fiber, protein, carbs and NO CORN SYRUP. This is really important because many snacks are sweetened with corn syrup, and that alone can cause a melt-down in the middle of a soccer game, or park day. There’s a great coupon out for these now at Publix . You can Save $.75 off any one Jif® Power Ups™ Creamy Clusters or Chewy Granola Bars 5 ct until 1/31/19!

Second, Roll It Up!

I’ve found that little sandwich rolls are easier than sandwiches to pack and to eat for the little ones. It is just less messy in general, so I do peanut butter and jelly roll ups, turkey and cheese, cream cheese, or banana and peanut butter to change it up. Think way less crumbs and easier for them to hold. If you can find a good, whole wheat or flaxseed wrap, you can help them get some great vitamins in as well!

Third, Finger Food:

I found that lots of little finger foods keep them busy longer. The Jif® Power Ups™ Creamy Clusters are perfect for finger foods to keep them busy, as well as satisfied. I like to include berries or nuts for a great trail mix option that keeps their little hands busy, as well as their mouths busy. Sometimes a full mouth is a quiet mouth, and I LOVE that!

Fourth, Individual Containers:

I pack a Tupperware for each child, so there isn’t any fighting. My boys tend to fight over snacks, so if they each have their own packs of EXACTLY the same snacks, we can avoid those fights all together. Now that mine are getting older, they seem to be more competitive and better at fighting. I found that these flat Tupperwear containers also stack better than a full lunch box, and I can throw them in any bag, or the bottom of a stroller to make sure they don’t spill on anything. This way also uses less plastic baggies, which we otherwise use way too many of!

These are my 4 quick and easy solutions to packing nourishing snacks to keep your kids happy on long sports days, park days or adventure days. 

Powering up for long and fun days is really important. Protein is my number one tip because it will help keep blood sugar levels stable, which is really important for kids playing sports, running around or just being kids. The Jif® Power Ups™ are a great packaged option because of the combination of protein, healthy fats, fiber and carbs. Packaged options that are nourishing are so helpful during these busy seasons.


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