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5 Fall Adventures You Can’t Miss This Year With Toddlers

Fall is here in all its beautiful glory, and with that comes the cozy activities that brings us so much joy. Being from the Pacific Northwest, we have beautiful falls, and there are some fun adventures I look forward too every year. Having toddlers makes the adventures a bit more difficult at times. I remember trying to haul my toddler and a baby to a pumpkin patch, thinking it was going to be so fun, and it was just chaos. Strollers don’t go well in muddy patches.

We start our adventures with a great breakfast, like the Post Shredded Wheat in flavors like Frosted Berry, S’mores and Cinnamon Roll. My kids are super picky, and sometimes it is so hard to get them to eat anything. I tell them the Shredded Wheat cereal is giving them power for our adventures. Because they are all boys, they love that idea, and the sweet taste with the nutrition of the wheat works perfectly. They like the cereal so much, I pack it as a snack to take with us. It’s easy to throw in a bag or just bring the box, and my kids love to get more power while we are out exploring. Make sure to grab the cash back coupon with Ibotta!

Let’s get to the adventure list for this fall. I am going over some great fall activities you can do hopefully near your area, as well as some indoor activities you can do right in your home in case the weather is just too cold or icky to go outdoors. Just bring the adventure indoors!

Don’t Skip The Small, Local Pumpkin Patches:

I recommend heading to a smaller, local pumpkin patches or fruit stands. Many fruit stands or farm stands get decorated and geared up for the fall fun, yet they don’t cost so much, you don’t have to wander for miles or get lost in a corn maze that is too long for the little ones. Our local fruit stand, Pattersons Fruit stand is perfect for us. They had some small activities like this water trough race, chickens, bunnies and pumpkins to “pick.” Keeping track of small toddlers and babies in a big pumpkin patch can be a lot of work. I was able to meander through the stand with a stroller easily to keep all my kids together. I don’t do pumpkin carving with my toddlers. They are just too messy and wild for me to attempt that, but we do color them. That’s much easier. I buy small ones they can color at the table or outside.

Make A Trip To A Chain Store:

We had one of the best experiences at our local Bass Pro Shop. I have to admit, we aren’t the most outdoorsy family, so we had never been. But, let me tell you it was amazing. The fish tanks, fall displays, coloring tables and more were a blast. It was indoors, so we weren’t dependent on the weather, and you can navigate your stroller through the shop. Bathrooms are also easy to get too if you are potty training or have toddlers that always need to go as soon as you arrive somewhere. Check your local events by searching Google to see what stores have some fall fun near you.

Find An Apple Festival or Cider Event:

Being in the Pacific Northwest for the fall, apple festivals and orchards are easy to find. We have a blast picking our own apples, and later in the year, our local orchards let you come pick for free to help clean up all the apples. Our local orchards host cider events at the end of the summer and beginning of the fall, which are music and fun. The orchards are open spaces the kids love to run around! If you don’t live by orchards, cider festivals are usually super fun. Cities often put these on in the fall for families with cider, music and entertainment. If you get to the orchard, make sure you get enough apples to make pies or caramel apples at home.

Make Caramel Apples At Home:

My boys and I love apples, and making caramel apples is super fun and simple for toddlers. You can do the dipping, and the toddlers can roll the apples in fun toppings like candy corn, crushed cereal pieces (we’ve used our Post Shredded Wheat!), sprinkles and more. This is a fun, fall adventure that is completely doable right in your own home. Make sure to pack your caramel apples to one of your adventures for the fun treat!

Visit Your Zoo:

Your local zoo may have one of the best adventures of all. Most zoos plan seasonal events for Halloween, fall and Christmas. Usually light shows, animal petting and more is an option that shouldn’t be missed! Zoos’ are stroller-friendly, easy-access bathrooms, snacks and lots of fun. They often have fun animal shows, story-times and more that will entertain the kiddos with the themes of fall throughout, so you can grab some fun seasonal photos!

Find a Mini Photo Session:

Many photographers offer seasonal mini sessions, where you stop by for a few quick shots. These are usually fifteen minutes, and they give you a few shots after. It’s such a fun way to capture memories during the fall for those upcoming holiday cards. These sessions are usually held at a festival, tree-farm, orchard, stand or entertaining place to bring the kids as well, so it’s an adventure and photo shoot all in one!

That’s my list of adventures you must have with your toddlers and little ones this fall. The memories, experiences and adventures are totally worth it. We are all about adventures, and I personally need them to get out of the house to be fully present with my kiddos. Fueling for these big days is always important, and remember to check out the Ibotta cash back offer for $3 and pick up your favorite flavors at your local Walmart.

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    What a perfect list! I totally agree with all of these and I’m wishing mine were toddlers again. I’ll definitely be doing some of these with my nieces though! [client]

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