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Burning calories is key to losing the baby weight. You want to get your metabolism running and burning as much as possible to shed those extra pounds. I have a go-to home workout that I use to achieve the cardio challenge I love when going on a run, while also strengthening my muscles. The key for me, is to have a workout that I know is challenging every time, I can do anywhere, and I breathe hard. Those are the essentials.

This workout has you do the move for a period of time. I do this because you want to try and get more reps in each time you do the workout to ensure you are challenging yourself. This is a tough one. No laying around doing bridges while watching your favorite show. This is a sweat-tastic workout to torch those winter-food calories that are too sneaky. These moves are also full of jump, impact and movement.

Anyways, here’s the workout that you can do at home or in the gym, which will turn up the heat, burn calories and help you keep losing that baby weight!

Warm up: 5 Minute Cardio

High Knees 1 Minute (tap your hands, keep your knees high the whole time)
Butt Kicks 1 Minute
Jog in place 1 Minute
Squat Jumps 30
Side Lunges 15 each side
This warm up will take you about 5 minutes to do. It will get your heart rate up and your legs burning pretty quick. Then, you’ll be ready for the actual workout.

Full Workout: 30 Minutes Cardio Blast

Cardio Circuit Do Twice:

Jump Squats: 2 minutes
Rest 30 seconds
Backwards Burpees: 2 minutes
Rest 30 seconds
Jump Lunges: 2 minutes
Rest 1 minute
High Knees: 2 minutes
Rest 30 seconds
Burpees No Push Up: 2 minutes
Mountain Climbers: 2 minutes
Rest 1 minute and do again

There you have a great, cardio circuit that will be sure to burn some calories this winter. I hope the video helped explain what each move is. It’s my go-to workout in the winter when I can’t get out and go for a run, or I don’t have a chance to get to the gym.

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