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Gut health seems to be a buzzword these days, But there is something to it for sure. So much research is discovering just how much of our body’s functions are connected to the health of our gut. I have tried out a few different probiotics on the market for myself and my kids, and also immune support like elderberry gummies, etc. There are so many products out there and it is hard to determine what is best.

Now, we had a rough fall and early winter with illness and compromised immune systems in each one of us in the house. Everything ranging from colds and coughs to strep throat and constipation. It was hard to figure out what was going on and how to reverse the cycle.

Culturelle reached out to me to try out their probiotic with immune support. They have one for kids and one for adults. We tried both products. I was excited when they reached out and I said “I feel like we’ve tried everything so why not!”

culturelle adults and kids

Well, I am happy to report that things in our house have improved concerning illness. The kids have had a good streak of not getting sick so they are not missing school. These Culturelle tablets are chewable and taste good.

I think the real missing link for us was the probiotic.  Combining that with the immune support of vitamins C, D, and Zinc in one tablet was genius.  I was giving them something for immune support but the probiotic seemed to be the thing that set us on the right path health-wise.

Detail of a young woman in home clothes sitting on her sofa holding her lower stomach with both hands in pain leaning forwards.

I mentioned we tried the adult Culturelle with Immune Support as well and I had similar results. I feel less bloated and like my digestive health is significantly better.  I did not have any negative side effects.

There is a risk of occasional digestive upset turning into IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and potentially even a serious medical condition such as autoimmune diseases – if things get out of hand. It’s good to prevent these potential outcomes for ourselves so we can show up well for our children and also for them so they don’t end up in a downward spiral but maintain a healthy gut. This article discusses some of the studies that have been done and the safety of probiotics for kids.

There is so much news and research out now that seems to support the addition of a probiotic to our diet. It appears that all the foods we eat now and how they are modified or processed have allowed our normally healthy microbiome to become out of whack. We need the addition of these good live cultures to allow our digestive process to work properly and efficiently. Not only enabling our digestive system to breakdown what we take in but also to absorb the things we need out of that food appropriately.

Cuturelle probiotics with oranges

Also, it is a good idea to take a probiotic in supplement form along with antibiotic use. Those antibiotics kill off the bad bacteria but can also kill off the beneficial bacteria we need that lives in our digestive tract. We were always told to eat yogurt or other probiotic foods to counteract antibiotics, which is good advice as well, but it’s more efficient to take probiotic tablets without all the sugar in yogurt that kids prefer to eat.

Sometimes children (and adults) can experience antibiotic-associated diarrhea because of live bacteria getting killed off, including the healthy bacteria while trying to get rid of the bad bacteria. With a probiotic supplement the good bacteria is replaced and provides digestive support while children’s health is being treated.

Of course these chewable tablets combined with the health benefits of a well balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables and sufficient protein is the way to keep and stay healthy and ward off all those germs out there! I was so happy when I saw that these were chewable tablets and not gummy vitamins which seem to be everywhere we turn! There are so many children’s probiotics on the market but these Culturelle tablets are different, really helping to support a healthy immune system from the inside out.

Consult your doctor or healthcare professionals if you are not sure if use of probiotics is a good choice for you or your children. Putting these vitamins and minerals together with the probiotic in one dietary supplement has helped us our immune health tremendously and is simple to remember to take and give my kids. Bravo Culturelle, we will be continuing to take these and expect to see this healthy streak continue!

Don’t wait until sickness hits your household, let Culturelle help you fend off the nasties, maintaining healthy children (and parents)! Bring back the beneficial gut bacteria, especially if you have a picky eater, the good news is digestive balance can be restored. Get healthy and use the code ‘joyful‘ for 20% off!


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