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I go over a lot of tips and tricks to lose the baby weight here on this blog because I’ve been able to gain and lose the baby weight three times. There was a time however, when I gained weight and had trouble feeling healthy. It didn’t matter how healthy I ate, I had a lot of bloating, gas, cravings and more. I tried to self-diagnose by reading lots of nutrition books and changing my diet around endlessly. I talk more about my struggle with IBS in this post. 

Long story short, I went to a naturopath who literally changed my world, and looked deeper into my gut issues. These little pills were and are a big part of my healing. What she did for me was heal my gut, leading me to believe that the gut is a HUGE player in the weight loss and health game we all play.

The gas, bloating and anxiety all inhibited me from working out, made me anxious with eating because I didn’t know how it was going to set me off, and ultimately I felt trapped in my body. It took literally lots of money on books and hours of reading to finally lead me to a naturopath. If you are struggling with weight loss, and having lots of issues with gas, bloating, diahrea or constipation, your gut most likely needs to be healed and attended too.

One of the first things the naturopath did was put me on a great probiotic. She said I needed to get the good bacteria back in my system. You can view some testimonials for this brand, which I highly recommend. You have to get a certain number of the probiotic species in each dose (so she said), and this one has a great probiotic and prebiotic pack that’s less than $35.

Now I do a probiotic treatment about twice a year. That seems to work well for me, and I eat a healthy diet, so that helps keep my bacteria levels stable.

Depending on your body, you could be prone to Candida overgrowth, lacking digestive enzymes and more. I wish I would have read this when I was first going through these issues. The wealth of information in the bundle is amazing. You can reset your gut with food, and much of this information is right on point.

If you want to find healing and finally lose the weight that’s been holding you down, combining this bundle of information and plans with a probiotic/prebiotic pack and digestive enzymes will kick you off to a great start. Obviously, I’m not a doctor, and I asked a doctor for health, but I can relay to you what worked for me!!

I can’t explain the freedom I’ve felt for the past 6 years or so now, since I finally found help and healing. I really want that for you if you are struggling with the same feelings I had. Please feel free to email me, or leave a comment here if you have more questions. It’s so important to take care of yourself, and educate yourself on what might be going on.

Some of the best information in this bundle will help you with which foods to chose, depending on your symptoms and how you can eliminate grains, stick to a Keto-plan, and ultimately balance your gut with specific food combos. Not all books go over the concept of food combination, which will really help you understand what is happening when your body is digesting and processing food. I linked some of the books below for you to check out.

Another thing to note is that hormones can have a huge effect on your gut. Sometimes your levels can be out of wack, and because everything is deeply connected, the hormone levels affect the gut balance. In this bundle you’ll find some fantastic reads on hormones and your gut and basic IBS information. Fabulous resources that are a way more affordable way to go than buying all the books I did!

I hope this helps and brings your mind and body healing!

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