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Are you planning an exciting camping adventure in the great outdoors this year while bringing along your younger children? Do you find yourself asking the question, “Where do I begin when planning for safety and entertainment for my kids?” The idea of camping with little ones is something many parents may dream of, but may not necessarily know how to prepare properly for. Keeping your little ones safe and happily entertained is a critical component to maintaining your peaceful enjoyment of the trip when exploring nature’s beauty and the various elements that come with it. 

Here is an arrangement of useful things to bring along to help with entertainment, sleeping comfortably, insects, and just plain having fun while camping with your infant, toddler, or young children.

Infants and Toddlers

Infants and younger toddlers require safe, teething-friendly toys and gear to bring along. You’ve got to keep in mind that a baby’s skin is still fragile, and needs to be protected from insects and the sun when taking them on a campout. Here are a few camping themed items that might work just right to help your youngest explorers have a fun and safe camping experience.

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Kit

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks kit-Telescoping Stainless Steel Cookware Set Forks for Smores & Best Camping Accessories for Kids Over Campfire & Hot Dog Fire Pit Cooking
Price: $14.97
1 new from $14.970 used

The Down and Dirty Guide to Camping with Kids

The Down and Dirty Guide to Camping with Kids: How to Plan Memorable Family Adventures and Connect Kids to Nature
Price: $12.70
You save: $4.75 (25%) (25 %)
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Pacifier Clip by Dodo Babies

Pacifier Clip by Dodo Babies Pack of 4 + Pacifier Case, Premium Quality Modern Designs Universal Holder Leash for Boys and Girls, Teething Toy or Soothie, Baby Shower Gift Set
Price: $8.52
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2-in-1 Travel & Play Tent

bblüv - Nidö - 2-in-1 Travel & Play Tent - Fun Canopy with UV Protection for Babies and Infants
Price: $84.99
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Babyganics Baby Sunscreen Spray & Bug Spray

Babyganics Baby Sunscreen Spray 50 SPF and Bug Spray, 6oz each, Packaging May Vary
Price: $36.09
You save: $8.90 (20%) (20 %)
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Pacific Play Tents Kids Super Folding Chair

Pacific Play Tents Ruby Red Kids Super Folding Chair
Price: --
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Pack My Diapers I’m Going Camping Baby Bodysuit

The Shirt Den Pack My Diapers I'm Going Camping Baby One Piece 6 mo Cyber Pink
Price: $15.99
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Good Night Campsite (Good Night Our World) 

Good Night Campsite (Good Night Our World)
Price: $6.79
You save: $0.99 (10%) (10 %)
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Baby Delight Go with Me Chair

Baby Delight Go with Me Chair | Indoor/Outdoor Chair with Sun Canopy | Pink | Portable Chair converts to 3 Child Growth Stages: Sitting, Standing and Big Kid | 3 Months to 75 lbs | Weather Resistant
Price: $59.99
You save: $20.00 (25%) (25 %)
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Skip Hop Baby Play Mat & Infant Activity Gym

Skip Hop Campling Cubs Baby Play Mat and Infant Activity Gym
Price: --
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Skip Hop Bandana Buddies 

Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity and Teething Toy with Multi-Sensory Rattle and Textures, Fox
Price: $14.99
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Skip Hop Baby Rattle Toy

Skip Hop Explore and More Roll Around Baby Rattle Toy, Hedgehog
Price: $8.99
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Durio Baby Sun Hat

Durio Baby Sun Hat Summer Beach UPF 50+ Sun Protection Baby Boy Hats Double Sides Toddler Sun Hats Cap for Baby Girl Kid Bucket Hat A Blue 18.9"(48cm)/6-12 Months
Price: $7.53
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MyBaby Portable White Noise Machine

MyBaby Soundspa On-The-Go - Portable White Noise Machine
Price: $12.01
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Here are more ideas you can do to explore outdoors with your toddler!

Preschool Age Kids

One of the greatest joys is the memories you make and share with your child during a family vacation. There’s an even better chance of real quality bonding time when the family outing is in the form of camping. Figuring out the best ways to keep your active preschooler occupied and enjoying the adventure even during inclement weather or unexpected mishaps can be as easy as some good old-fashioned pre-planning. Gather your packing list and see which of these items will both charm and engage your child or the entire family with some quality entertainment or safer experiences.

Pete the Cat Goes Camping

Pete the Cat Goes Camping (I Can Read Level 1)
Price: $3.29
You save: $1.00 (17%) (17 %)
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Try Not to Laugh Challenge Camping Joke Book

Try Not to Laugh Challenge Camping Joke Book: for Kids! Jokes, Riddles, Silly Puns, Funny Knock Knocks, LOL Outdoor Theme Activity for Camping Trips, ... Campfire Jokes for Family & Friends!
Price: $8.99
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Kids Camping Set with Tent

Kids Camping Set with Tent 24pcs - Camping Gear Tool Pretend Play Set for Toddlers Kids Boys Girls Outdoor Toy Birthday Gift
Price: $36.99
You save: $2.00 (5%) (5 %)
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Llama Llama Loves Camping

Llama Llama Loves Camping
Price: $2.38
You save: $0.75 (15%) (15 %)
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Curious George Goes Camping

Curious George Goes Camping
Price: $4.00
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 Learning Resources New Sprouts Camp Out!

Learning Resources New Sprouts Camp Out!, Imaginative Play, Camping Toy, Outdoor Toys, 11 Pieces, Easter Gifts for Kids, Ages 2+
Price: $12.00
You save: $5.50 (20%) (20 %)
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Toy Binoculars with Flashlight 

Toy Binoculars for Toddlers and Kids – Kids Toy Binoculars with Flashlight – Face Comfy Binoculars for Toddlers and Children Boys and Girls Age 3-12
Price: $15.99
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Push-Pull Folding Wagon

Creative Outddor Distributor Push Pull Folding Wagon for Kids, Beach, Foldable Canopy with Sun/Rain Shade (Magenta)
Price: $249.00
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Inflatable Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers 

hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers [4-Sided] | Portable Toddler Bed for Kids | Toddler Air Mattress | Kids Air Mattress - Navy Blue
Price: $84.92
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School-Age Kids

Many larger families have a mix of younger and older children to keep in mind when packing for their camping vacation. It’s just as important to bring something to entertain your school-age children during this memory-making exploration to the great outdoors. Try some of these possibilities:

Camp Daze Mad Libs

Camp Daze Mad Libs
Price: $4.96
29 new from $4.9635 used from $1.37

Education Outdoors Toasted or Roasted Card Game

Education Outdoors Toasted or Roasted Card Game
Price: $19.99
6 new from $19.990 used

Backpack Explorer: On the Nature Trail: What Will You Find?

Backpack Explorer: On the Nature Trail: What Will You Find?
Price: $7.08
You save: $1.29 (10%) (10 %)
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Explorer Kit for Kids 

Explorer Kit for Kids - Camping Gear & Outdoor Exploration Gift - Inc: Binoculars, Fan, Magnifying Glass, Crank Flashlight, 5-in-1 Multi Tool & Beautiful Case - Gifts for 4-7 Year Old Boys & Girls
Price: $24.95
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Crawling Small Black Bear Stuffed Animal Toy

Nat and Jules Crawling Small Black Bear Children's Plush Stuffed Animal Toy
Price: $25.46
You save: $4.49 (15%) (15 %)
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Outdoor Walkie Talkies 

Selieve Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys Girls, Walkie Talkies for Kids 22 Channels 2 Way Radio Toy with Backlit LCD Flashlight, 3 Miles Range for Outside, Camping, Hiking
Price: $24.99
You save: $11.00 (31%) (31 %)
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Although it may take a little extra time and effort to gather the gear, pack the supplies and plan ahead for the best camping adventure ever, you will be sure to please your little ones and have the peace of mind that you are doing all you can to try to keep them safe. This gives you more freedom to put your feet up for a few minutes and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine during your delightful outdoor family vacation. Besides, with all these fun camping books, gear, and helpful activities, you are bound to have a camping vacation you’ll treasure forever. Happy camping!  

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