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If you have a toddler, you know that there are way too many things out there to consider getting as a gift around Christmas time!  While your child tells Santa at the mall what toy they want, you might be wondering what extra special thing is out there that you could surprise them with that they wouldn’t have even considered asking for.  Here are a few suggestions that could change everything in your search! Check out this delightful Xmas Gift Guide for Toddlers and surprise your favorite little one in a big way!


3D Lighted DIY Felt Tree Toy Set

A felt Christmas tree for toddlers?  Yes, please!  This little Xmas tree is the perfect size for toddlers to decorate so they won’t be tempted to touch the adult Christmas tree.  It is lightweight so it is both easy to move around and safe for your toddler to be left alone with.  Have fun being artsy when arranging the ornaments!  You can get your own Toplee 3D Felt Tree set for only $13.99!

TOPLEE 3D Lighted DIY Felt Tree Toy Set with 20Pcs Cute Hanging Ornaments 17 Ft Color String Light 2 Modes, Kids DIY Indoor Home Decorations Holiday Birthday Gifts for Kids Toddlers Party Favor
Price: $24.99
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Quarter Socks Set

If your toddler is a fan of Disney Jr., they might be a fan of the PJ Masks!  The three superheroes and their villains can be worn around on these cute socks!  Wear non-matching socks to have one foot be the hero while the other foot is the villain!  They probably aren’t the right size to hang over the fireplace, but don’t let that stop you from wrapping candy up with this gift too!  At $12.99, this six-pack of quarter socks is sure to save the day!

PJ Masks Boys Girls Toddler 6 Pack Quarter Socks (Shoe: 7-10 (Sock: 4-6), Blue/Multi)
Price: $13.34
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Christmas Shirt

Make your toddler the star of the show whenever you listen to “Santa Baby”!  With long sleeves and a stylish mix of colors, this blouse might become the most memorable thing your toddler wears!  Sing and dance along to the Christmas magic that is toddlers grooving to the holiday tunes as they rock this gift!  For only $9.99, this “Halloween” shirt is sure to make an adorable addition to your toddler’s wardrobe.

Toddler Girls Blouse Christmas Thanksgiving Long Sleeve Printed Ruffles T-Shirt Tops Clothes Outfits (6-12 M, Red 4)
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Kenley Kids Travel Tray

When you’re in the car and your toddler is in the back seat, sometimes it can be difficult to entertain them.  This activity tray is designed to solve that problem by giving your little bundle of joy easy access to their toys, food, and screen!  The waterproof tray is not limited to just cars though!  This is designed to make even train and plane rides more enjoyable for the little one for a surprisingly low price!  The Kenley Kids Travel Tray aims to help keep your toddler entertained the whole year round! Get this cool find in our Xmas Gift Guide for Toddlers and you’ll thank yourself later.

Kenley Kids Travel Tray, Toddler Car Seat Lap Tray, 16.5 x 13.5 Inches (Blue/Gray)
Price: $31.97
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Bubble Blower Machine

Come to think of it, who doesn’t love playing with bubbles?  This outdoor entertainment can be used on a sidewalk or your driveway and is easily refilled by the bubble solution of your choice.  Watch your toddler mow down the chalk drawings they made as they chase down their bubbles like a hungry velociraptor.  The Lydaz Bubble Mower is a charming gift that will encourage your toddler to play outside more! Nowadays, with the over-stimulating world of electronics, anything that gets the kids outside more is a GOOD thing. Watch your child light up with excitement as they see those bubbles soar into the sky just because they pushed it!

Lydaz Bubble Mower for Toddlers, Kids Bubble Blower Machine Lawn Games, Summer Outdoor Push Toys, First Birthday Toy Gifts for Preschool Baby Boys Girls 1 2 3 Years Old
Price: $28.99
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Since this company caters to all ages, you can even gift these to adults and infants! To learn more and receive a discount on your first box, follow the link below!

Kiwi Co photo

There are so many great things out there that would make your child light up like the topper of your tree. But, don’t underestimate the value of an educational gift. You can try Kiwi Crate for lots of developmental STEM gifts in a subscription box. The excitement of getting it to arrive in the mail is a big bonus! All kids love to receive mail! Double bonus points for the gift giver. 

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There’s always a special place in my heart for homemade gifts too. It’s the magic of a handmade gift that brings it to life and helps you tune in with your child’s feelings. Get creative and enjoy designing something your child will love to play with such as flashcards for a matching game, or even creating your own toddler-friendly board game using colors, shapes, or object icons. Another fun gift idea is to pick out a special snack to wrap in a pretty box from the Dollar Store or put together an assortment of Christmas crafts that are toddler-safe and enjoy creating a masterpiece together like an ornament for the tree. Whatever you choose to make for your sweet little bundle of joy, just remember to enjoy your Christmas day the way you would want your little one to!  

toddler decorating a tree

Sometimes half the fun at the holidays is in the little extra details. Decorating the tree on Christmas morning with a few little surprise baked goods or homemade candies or gifts, or something you pick up along that line from the store that will make the tree POP with that awesome WOW factor can be a real thrill for a 2-4-year-old. Another unique touch is to use personalized drawings of your child’s favorite characters that can easily be taped to the wrapping paper of the gifts you buy for them, and it can make the whole presentation stand out!

Whether you are looking for utility, amusement, or just something cute and fun, hopefully, these suggestions will suit your needs!  Maybe you can use this to buy gifts for a friend with a toddler too!  All of the items linked above are affordable, quick to ship, and easy to wrap so have yourself a merry little Christmas! 

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