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I think we can all agree that family costumes for Halloween are the best. Not only are they fun to plan out, but you can easily have everyone in the family get in character and join in on the fun. And since we have so many ideas for families no matter how many people live in your family or not, finding a fun Halloween costumer for everyone can really be a lot of fun.

Some families really get into it as well, dressing everyone up from dad all the way down to the dog. And as long as you have a character for everyone to be, why not? It’s a fun way to get the family excited about Halloween and it’s a good excuse to get dressed up and ready, too!

If you’re looking for some fun and simple family costume ideas for Halloween, you’ll have some great choices on this list.

Fun and Fabulous Family Costume Ideas for Halloween

In no particular order, here are some great costume ideas for all ages and family sizes.

Superhero Family

You know that a family of superheroes is unstoppable, right? The best part about this costume is that you can make it as elaborate or as simple as you want. All you ready need are a few capes (ahem – bedsheets) to look like a superhero but you can also go to the store and purchase a whole line of costumes or make some fun DIY options at home.

Think The Incredibles or any other large superhero family that will give everyone a costume.

The Flinstones

Yabba Dabba Doo! This is a throwback costume idea for sure. And if you have enough people in your family to be Pebbles and Bam Bam and Fred and Wilma, then go for it! It’s a fun reason and way to wear animal print and get to go barefoot around the neighborhood.

If you have someone really crafty in your family, you can even try to make the peddle car, too.

Circus and the Ring Leader

We can all relate to this one a little bit, right? We’re all the ring leader of our own circus so it just makes sense to have your crazy circus in tow. If you’re looking for a super fun Halloween costume idea that leaves open big options, this is the one for you. The kids can dress up like animals or acrobats or really anything that they want.

The Adams Family

Have a lot of black clothes already in your wardrobe? This might be the best costume idea, ever! All you need is a little bit of makeup and the ability to look frumpy and grumpy and everyone in the family can be a member of this crazy family.

Favorite Disney Character

Who says that themes have to match? Why not let everyone in the family just dress up as their favorite Disney character and go from there?

This could include literally anything from Disney Princess or Princes to animals from The Lion King. With so many great Disney movies to choose from, you really can’t go wrong.

And if you have kids, you’ve probably really already got all the gear that you need! From crowns to masks, dig through their toy chests and see what you can find.

Baby Shark

Why not be the family that pulls off this unforgettable theme song? Have mama shark and daddy shark and all the baby sharks in line as you’re going from door to door. Seriously, the cutest.

A family of devils

Being a family of devils is also a lot of fun. Just wear red, add some horns, and viola! Just like that, you’re devil ready! You’ll never have to worry about anyone knowing what oyu’re supposed to be because it’s pretty obvious!


Don’t count out the fun of dressing up as vampires! Everyone in your family can throw in some fangs and channel their inner vampires. This is another simple costume that can easily be thrown together.

Many big box stores will have the fangs and fake blood that you need to pull this off. After that, you’re going just going to need some black clothing and maybe a cape.


The great part about being a family of pirates is that you don’t even need a peg leg or a parrot! Just have everyone in the family wear their black and white striped clothing and an eye-patch, and you’re all set! Make certain that you work on talking like a pirate around the house so that it’s perfect!

More Family Fun Halloween Costumes To Consider

Once you sit down and start to think about all the fun family Halloween costumes that there are, your mind is going to be overflowing with ideas!

Some other simple ideas to scrounge up costumes and clothing are as follows.

Garden family

Have mom or dad be the gardener and then have everyone else dress up like blooming flowers. It’s fun, unique, and certain to be a hit.

Sports Fans

This one is super simple and allows everyone to dress up as they please. All it really takes is to have everyone putting on their favorite jersey and that’s about it.

If you want to get more elaborate, baseball or football uniforms are always a good idea as well. This is also a great time to throw on that old cheerleading outfit and bring out the pom-poms, too!

Tired Mom

And if you’re really just feeling down and out about the whole costume idea, throw on a robe and a pair of slippers and walk around the neighborhood as the “tired mom”. The kids can then dress up as whatever they want because your costume holds true no matter what!

See how much fun it can be to figure out family-friendly Halloween costume ideas? There are so many great options that you’re certain to have a blast figuring them all out! Let everyone in the family have a say on what they want and then narrow it down. This is going to be the best Halloween yet!

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