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You might wonder what the best Mother’s Day gifts are for the new mom in your life. You know her best. She may not need another coffee mug, even if it says something cute. But I bet she’d love it if you put some thought into what might make a new mom’s life more liveable right now.

The best gift ideas for new moms on Mother’s Day are things that address the struggles of exhaustion, fear, loneliness, doubt, and anxiety. Also, anything that makes her feel pretty. Some good ideas are flower subscriptions, spa gift sets, Mani/Pedi gift certificates, a pendant with the baby’s birthstone, a fun t-shirt that advertises new-mom status, paid membership in a new mom’s group, or a class that will teach her everything she needs to know about infants, sleep cycles, and breastfeeding. 

Pampering or Wearable Gift Ideas:

Here are some gifts that will go a long way toward making her feel pampered, pretty, and rested.

  • Bloomsybox is a monthly flower subscription she’s going to love. It’s billed automatically and delivers a regular bouquet of beautiful blooms from the best farms worldwide
  • A gift certificate to a local Mani/Pedi is a great gift. But in case going out isn’t an option, an electric foot callus remover is a pedicure tool she can use forever to make her feet baby-soft
  • A beautiful thumbprint or baby-feet pendant she can wear would be a nice gesture and a thoughtful gift idea
  • The ESARORA Ice Roller for Face & Eyes is a skin-care product that will address a lot of issues–” Puffiness, Migraine, Pain Relief, and Minor Injuries” 
  • If her neck and back tend to ache, a Naipo Shiatsu back and neck massager with heat, and deep kneading massage that she can use at home would be perfect. It’s also good to use on foot and leg muscles
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  • An all-natural relaxation gift spa in a box is a luxury she can use at home and there are many to choose from available through Amazon and other online ordering methods
  • Here’s a fun t-shirt with nutritional information about motherhood, and a Mamasaurus shirt for the nerdy new mom with a sense of humor
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  • Diffusers are great for making a room smell nice, which she probably needs right now. This one is especially nice because there’s no mess from pouring in liquids. It runs on pods that last 800 hours. Aera Touch Diffuser For Essential Oils and Home Fragrances. Don’t forget to get the pods, which are sold separately|
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Thoughtful Gift Ideas: 

Sometimes it is the thought that counts. Get her the sort of gift that will show her you were thinking about her. How about putting some thought into what she might enjoy using later, on days when she’s not the center of attention like she is on Mom’s Day?

In this group of gift ideas, I’ve included things you can research for her and provide helpful information to save her time and brainpower. 


Go to and use search terms like mom’s groups, working moms, babies, kids, and stay-at-home moms, and if you include the name of your city it helps you to find the local groups. Make a list of them for her, or save the links all in one place in an email and send it to her.

Mom classes


Help her keep her brain and her body active by getting her a class in something you know interests her. Online classes can be a great resource, especially during a pandemic. 

  • offers gift certificates that are the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a new mom. The founder is a mother of four, a neonatal nurse, the wife of a pediatrician, and a certified pediatric sleep consultant. Her “passion is teaching parents how to help their babies sleep with the science of a nurse and the heart of a mama.” Check out the one called, “Will I Ever Sleep Again?”
  • There are some highly-rated new mom classes on breastfeeding through Lactation Mamas or on postpartum issues on The Post-Partum Cure
  • Stroller fitness classes and other fitness classes for moms are easy to find on Just be sure you know she wants a fitness class before you buy it. Otherwise, you might offend her without realizing it
  • Check for classes with “over 100 of the world’s best minds,” and for creative or business classes she might enjoy


You may already realize this from living through the pandemic and quarantines, but she’s going to want to get out of the house. A great way to address this is to make a list of possible outings she can do with a little one in a stroller. Then include entrance tickets with the list. 

Even if she doesn’t use the ideas right away, she will have them when she needs them. Once you see what she uses most, you can follow up with an annual membership to that venue.

  1. Museums – How about a trip to the local museum, where walking and social distancing are the norms anyway, and bringing in a stroller won’t be a problem? Children’s museums are designed for families and they will go out of their way to make sure parents and kids feel at home. Art museums have the bonus of peace, so no one accidentally wakes the baby while mom walks around looking at the art. 
  2. Parks – National, State, and local parks are great places for moms to go together for a long walk, a picnic, or a chat at the picnic tables. You can pre-purchase tickets to most parks online.
  3. Playgrounds (indoors and out) – do the research for her and make a list of all the playgrounds in the area and the hours they are open.

So, you’ve got some ideas to go on. Just remember new moms need all the understanding and patience they can get, so get a nice Mother’s Day gift for her, but also be kind and rub her feet once in a while. 

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