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Morning sickness, or all-day sickness is my least favorite experience being pregnant. I had to develop some awesome tricks to survive the icky, terrible headachy hang over that would start hitting me soon after breakfast, and slam into me by evening. I remember laying on the couch, sick and pregnant with my second, not even able to celebrate my first son’s first birthday. The intense fatigue that literally pulls you into a coma is impossible to fight at times, yet with two toddlers (3.5 and 2), I couldn’t just fall asleep whenever I felt like it. With my first, I’d fall asleep in the car on my lunch break. Adding toddlers to the mix is a completely different world, and here are the tricks that helped me survive the 20 weeks it took me to feel better again.

Protein at Breakfast:

I became obsessed with Starbucks Egg White and Feta wraps. For some reason, I had to have one every morning. I attempted to make them, but it wasn’t the same. I just felt so much better eating them. What these wraps have is protein. Protein is great for pregnant mamas. I even wrote a whole post on my favorite, super clean protein powder for pregnant mamas. I am not a fan of meat, especially in the first trimester. Having protein seemed to really help me stay stable for longer. I could get through the morning, get the toddlers out to a park or somewhere fun to wear them out, then back home to lay down. Being pregnant, it is difficult to eat meat at times, so protein shakes were my go-to when I didn’t want to spend the money at Starbucks, or drive out of my way there.

Protein Shakes:

These did wonders because I could make them sweet and sip on them for a while. It seemed, unfortunately, that if I kept food in my mouth, I felt better. Literally, the moment I stopped eating, I felt terrible. If I kept munching, I could function. I found that protein shakes made with this super yummy, super clean protein powder really helped. In the afternoons especially when I needed something cold. Frozen bananas make s nice, smooth texture with berries, almond and stevia for extra sweetness. This really helped me stay healthy and in shape my whole pregnancy as well!

Ginger Chews:

I devoured these. I kept them in my purse, car and diaper bags. I didn’t love the taste, but they did seem to help, especially in those moments when the wave comes over you. Anyone with morning, or all-day sickness knows what I mean. This wave of sickness will hit you at times, and you feel like you are gonna throw up. I never did, I just had to lay down, and the chews would help me overcome and get through those waves. There are some more options that I am sure would work well in these moments too. Preggo Pops are popular, Tummy Drops, and Pink Stork Morning Sickness Relief are supposed to work really well too.

Quiet Toddler Activities:

This was the hardest part, keeping my toddlers busy. I explained to them that there was a new baby in my tummy, and that mommy wouldn’t feel good for a little bit, so I needed to rest. Well, they didn’t care. They still fought, got into trouble, made messes and just did all the toddler things. I found some activities I could use to keep them busy while I laid down. These were coloring at SEPARATE tables or areas. Keeping them separate seriously helped. I also set them up with separate play spaces, or corners. I talk more about this in this post. The idea is to set up areas with themes. A car corner, coloring corner, book station, block table etc. Then, you set the time and have your toddlers stay at each station separately for 10 or 15 minutes. These magnet blocks are by far, the best activity for my toddler boys. I kept them in a bag, and only got them out at certain times, and they built and played very well.

Napping With The Toddlers:

I didn’t really decide to do this, it just happened. My boys like to have me lay with them for a while before they fall asleep. In their perfect world, I lay there til they fall asleep. Well, in the first trimester, I’d fall asleep before they would in their bed. It really helped to get a nap in with them though. I’d wake up a bit groggy, but my evenings would usually be much more tolerable when I got a nap in. I looked totally rediculous, pregnant and sleeping with my toddler in his bed. They would make me take turns who I slept with, and sometimes we’d all three be in one twin, and I was so tired, I didn’t care.

Ask For Help:

My husband would help tons in the evenings and take over bath time and dinner, so I could lay down. For some reason, Shark Tank was always on at the time I’d lay down, so now every time I see it, I feel like I’m pregnant. At that time, I also lived close to family, so I could lean on them for support. We have moved across the country from family, so I understand what it is like to have no family close by. If you can ask friends for help too, do it. Your kids will be happier. Ask for help for their sake. I realized that not asking for help was leaving me in a position where I couldn’t entertain them well, and I would much rather have them played with, engaged and given more energy than I could at the time. Remember asking for help is for them, so it doesn’t matter if you feel awkward. Just do it. It will go by fast, and you will hopefully be back to normal in the second trimester.

Remember that this phase will pass. It felt like years to me. Every day seemed like ages as I dragged through our activities and attempted to be a good mom. Your toddlers most likely barely notice, they won’t remember the few months, and they love you. Once you make it to the second trimester, your energy will come back, and you will be super mom again!

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