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Getting ready for another baby can be super fun in terms of the nesting aspect. Decorating a new nursery, washing and folding all the saved baby clothes, maybe even having a sprinkle shower or doing another registry to help with any items you want for your second baby. But emotionally, it can be very hard to get ready for a new baby. Questions pop up and worries start to sprout. Let me walk you through a day in the life of myself, pregnant with my third baby, that will help you emotionally prepare for your next baby.

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I look at these two little blue-eyed angels and think, “I can’t believe  another one is coming…” I walk to the dryer to pull out the clothes needing to be folded, or at least shoved in their appropriate  hiding space, and I hear lots of giggling and jumping in our bedroom. Hands full, socks dropping into the black hole they disappear too, I yell, “Benjamin! Jack! Are you guys throwing all the pillows off the bed?!” I swear, they were just outside, when did they get in there???.

I finally decided I was going to make the bed. We have a beautiful bedroom, and I want to appreciate it and have it look nice, so that morning I made the bed, and I almost took a picture to post for everyone to see, but of course someone needed their bottom wiped immediately.

12.3 seconds later, my pinterest – worthy bedroom looked like a pillow war zone, and only the mattress pad was left on the bed. I sighed, and watched how excited they were jumping from pillow to pillow. “That’s my que we’ve got to get going,” I thought, as I fought back more frustration. Ugh.

It these moments, compiled with the constant needs, destruction, whining and then – some that can quickly bring us to thoughts like, “Oh my gosh these little monsters!” But really, it’s not them. It’s me.

I am the one who is frustrated with two toddlers behaving perfectly  normal. I am the one in control of my feelings and reactions to their behavior. They are never monsters, and really actually behave really well for their age, but it’s my mind that goes to a place it shouldn’t. These are my beautiful  blessings, my life and my absolute  pride. The juxtaposition  that can happen in motherhood  is insane really. We love them so much, yet can’t tolerate another minute the next. Oh the joys!

Emotionally preparing for your next baby involves a lot of realization and acceptance. It’s accepting that everything you do is for them not you. It’s also pushing yourself to be focused on the joy, the gift and the reality that life is hard when kids are little.

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Grabbing a gratitude journal is super helpful for me every day really, and especially when preparing for a new baby. As a mom, its super easy to let the grind of daily tasks overwhelm you. The grind of constant nagging and pulling and messes is actually very hard, and the pressure can seem too much if we don’t look at all the beautiful things we are grateful for.

There’s an amazing book, One Thousand Gifts. A Dare To Live Fully And Rightly Where You Are by Ann Voskamp, and it is really life-changing. She is a mom, and she shares her story of giving thanks and being grateful. It’s not a how-to book. Those to me, are worthless. This is an experience that you can relate to. Someone going through what you are going through. That is much more powerful and enlightening. I believe this book, and starting a gratitude journal is one of the best ways to emotionally prepare for your new baby. It’s a must! Here are some of my favorite Gratitude journals from Amazon and Target you can grab and get started!


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