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Now that we have finally wrapped up from the holiday season, we have officially transitioned our home decor from the holiday explosion it was to a serene winter escape. But, not only is it incredibly time-consuming to redecorate your home every season, but it also can become financially straining over the years. In such a modern and fast-paced society, it can feel as if we need to keep up with the rest of the world on essentially everything, even our home decor. Unfortunately, many of us may not have the money to drop on brand-new decor each time the season changes, especially after the Christmas season. Instead, many people have been adopting a “Do it Yourself” attitude, and finding small hacks to save money and make use of what they already have lying around the house. So, as we make our way into the new year, hold off on completely packing away those multi-functional Christmas decorations and reincorporate them throughout your home. There are so many ways to upcycle those decor pieces, keep reading on how to optimize each one! 


Historically, ornaments have been solely associated with Christmas and not much else. We have become so fixated on them being tree accents that we fail to see the potential they have to brighten up the rest of your home! Though they do typically have that Christmas vibe, some have a more neutral feel. Find some with similar patterns and throw them in a bowl. Then, add in some flowers or even some potpourri. In those two easy steps, you have created a perfect centerpiece for any table you have around the house. If you have clear ornaments, you have even more possibilities when it comes to repurposing them! Find small bits of felt or yarn and fill the inside of the ornament. Then, take those and line the top of your mantle. These are a perfect way to portray the theme of the room, and add touches of color in a new way! 

Wrapping paper 

This hack may come a little late this year. However, it is important to keep this one in mind next year when you clean up! We often feel wasteful when we wrap presents, to then just tearing them up and disposing of them within a week! Instead of trashing that beautiful wrapping paper, there are so many different ways to repurpose that beautiful wrapping. The easiest way to recycle it is just by shredding it up! The remains make perfect confetti for any NYE celebration or even kid’s birthday parties. If you’re looking for a more evergreen solution, try lining the walls behind a bookshelf with your favorite wrapping paper, or even the inside of your drawers. 


Garland is a great way to add some natural accents to your home. Not only is adding greenery a great addition to your decoration, but it also helps optimize your overall well-being. Adding organic garland into the home can improve the air quality, leading to a decrease in stressful feelings and an overall calmer atmosphere. To repurpose your Christmas garland, you can take various routes. Instead of wrapping it around the railing leading up your stairs, which tends to feel a little festive, try cutting up the garland. Add the pieces you cut into your existing plants around your living space. The combination of the garland with the existing plant’s branches or leaves will add the perfect winter touch to your house plants and make you wonder why you weren’t doing this already! 


Wreaths are the perfect Christmas decor piece that can be a great festive accent in your home throughout the holiday season. Luckily, they are also one of the few space-saving decorations you can hang essentially anywhere in your home to avoid taking up livable floor space. Similarly to ornaments, we usually associate wreaths with only the Christmas holiday. Well, that isn’t the case anymore! Not only can you remake one for each winter holiday, but you are also able to repurpose the wreath to be used in your dining room tablescapes or centerpieces. Although you may have come across some intricate and detailed tablescapes in the past, you can start by trying a simpler setup using your wreath and a few other supplies. Try placing the wreath in the center of the table and adding other decor pieces around it to match the style you’re going for. Add in some bright flowers within the greenery of the wreath and place a candle in the center of the wreath and then, there you have it! You’ve created your centerpiece in a few simple steps. This Valentine’s Day, you can bring the spirit of the holiday into your home by adding some pink and red bows to the wreath. Or even bring the wreath back to its original use and hang it up on your door and spread the love! For more wreath ideas, refer here.

String lights 

To instantly enhance a room and give a nice cozy feel, simply go and grab those lights you put away after Christmas! Before, string lights typically came in two styles, a small bulb or a large one. Now, with new shapes, sizes, and colors, you have endless options. While the style you choose will depend on your personal preference, there are many ways you can make a statement with this easy decor hack. From spelling out a message on your wall to outlining your bathroom mirror, your Christmas lights will give your living area the boost it needs at a low cost! 

Bonus Tip: With the abundance of photos we captured over the holiday season, it is all too common to never print them or enjoy looking back on those memories. Displaying those pictures using string lights proves to be an easy solution! Choose a corner of a room and zig-zag the lights from one wall to the adjacent one. Scatter photos along the cord of the lights using clothespins. Voila! 

Anything Red 

After recycling the abundance of Christmas decorations, it can feel as if there is no possible way to incorporate any other adornment into your everyday decor. However, there are plenty of ways to integrate some of those decorations for other holidays. Red bowls, cutlery, and ribbons are great places to start. Throughout the year we encounter many holidays whose main colors include red! From the 4th of July to Valentine’s Day and even for Memorial Day Weekend, there are so many opportunities to make use of these decor items. So be sure to store these pieces somewhere you can easily reach so you can bring them down for any holiday celebration. 

It’s so important we stick to a budget when decorating our homes. Walking into stores with no set plan is a recipe for spending more than you have. Instead of buying new items each time you wish to decorate a space, focus on making use of what you already own. You will surprise yourself with what you can accomplish with what would normally be stored away for the rest of the year. Challenge yourself to these hacks and simultaneously let your creative juices flow and enhance your home! 

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