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Decorating for the holiday season is one of my favorite things ever! We are just moving into our new home, with lots of remodeling that needs to happen, so my decor ambitions will be put on hold for a bit. Until then, here are some beautiful decoration ideas to inspire you for your home this year. I walk you through the living room and mantle, to the entryway, and back to the table design to bring all the feels of Thanksgiving to your home this year. 


I can not find the original source for this photo! It was uploaded on Pinterest, and here is the pin with no link to a site. I love the pumpkin theme with the logs in the metal pot. Super clever, and beautiful at the same time!

I found this on Pinterest, but it’s a photo from Brittany York on Instagram. I’m sold on the shutters and the Gather sign. I linked one that’s close to this on Amazon, and I’m not sure where she got hers!

Here is that Gather sign again, with a minimal and beautiful fireplace decor! The photo is from Farmhouse 165.

This is such a simple, yet totally elegant style with the TV! Love the rose gold addition, and I grabbed this photo from Randi Garrett Design, where you can find lots more inspo!


How beautiful and simple is this with the copper and navy pumpkins from Cotton Stem? They have more photos on their blog, and it’s gorgeous.

I can’t figure out where this photo came from, but I did find a similar pillow, and what captured me is the simplicity of the setup with the pillow, blanket and small accents to create such a pretty, fall/Thanksgiving style entry way!


This is such a beautiful, and totally simple table setup! Pumpkins is really all it is. The ladder with the lights really gets me. Then, check out the amazing Thankful sign from Feather + Birch above!

This is one of my favorite designs I’ve seen this year for a Thanksgiving table. I’m all about simple beauty, and to me, this is the essence of just that. This design is from Jenni Kayne, where you can find more beautiful photos of this decor with the details and everything. I’m obsessed with the little fur stools. What she did, as she explains is just drape sheepskin over wood stools. Super smart!

So this is a totally DIY table from Kat over at Toneitup!  She walks you through how to make the metallic leaves and personalized champagne glasses. Completely in love with this!!




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