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Milk Dust is your new best friend for weight loss while breastfeeding. Milk Dust is a protein powder with milk-boosting ingredients that will help you keep your milk supply healthy and strong, with sugar-craving curbing ingredients to help you control the breastfeeding appetite and lose the baby weight. Yes, there is a lactation-boosting protein powder that helps you lose weight too.  And, it is full of necessary nutrients to help you heal postpartum, give your body the nutrients it needs and ultimately help you lose that baby weight.

Here’s the quick run-down of how the protein powder, Milk Dust can help you lose the baby weight while breastfeeding, then we can dive into more details: 

  • Lactation-boosting herb blend for lots of milk
  • Minerals to stop sugar-cravings
  • Blood sugar support with herbs
  • Special vitamins and minerals for postpartum recovery
  • Energy-boosting herbs
  • Folate (L-Methylfolate) for iron and energy support
  • Lots of plant protein for bone, muscle, cell support

As a Pre/Post-Natal Fitness Specialist, Precision Nutrition Coach, and mama of three, I’ve been helping mamas lose the baby weight while saving their milk for over 2 years, and I’ve done it three times now.

I’ve found myself some what of an expert on breastfeeding and protein powders because of a popular post I wrote describing the most delicious protein powders for breastfeeding mamas.

This post describes all the best protein powders on the market for breastfeeding mamas, and I’ve continued to update as the months have gone by and new protein powders have come out. Still, there wasn’t a protein powder specifically for lactation, weight loss and nutrition! 

I have a program, The Postpartum Cure, which is a full nutrition, healing and fitness guide for postpartum mamas that comes in an app. After helping hundreds of thousands of mamas through my blogs and my program, there was one thing missing:

A product to help with the sugar cravings that are so difficult to fight while breastfeeding, in addition to a postpartum-focused nutritional protein powder that is especially designed to nourish the new, breastfeeding mommy.

So, as a health-nut and mommy myself, I set out to create this product, and thus, Milk Dust was born.

One of the biggest issues breastfeeding mamas had when losing the baby weight were cravings. Some of the popular cravings were Nutella, chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Sweets are a big issue because your body needs extra nutrients while breastfeeding. When trying to lose weight after baby, many mamas reduce their calories, eating less, but also giving their body less nutrition. Then, the body bumps up the cravings in hopes to get the mommy to eat more food and more nutrients. Because of the way our diets are full of chemicals and sugar, our brains get confused on what the cravings mean.

Milk Dust comes to the rescue with ESSENTIAL nutrients to help you ensure that your body is full of satiating macro and micro nutrients, while also offering a sweet vanilla taste to help you get that sweet satisfaction.

Milk Dust most-importantly will protect your milk supply as you lose the baby weight by boosting lactation through herbs like fennel, fenugreek and milk thistle. These all worked really well for myself, and many others, so of course they are included in the protein powder. 

Milk Dust curbs sugar cravings through specific minerals like chromium, that have been proven help with blood sugar and relieve sugar cravings post meals. Anyone else LOVE sweets RIGHT after a meal? Well, breastfeeding mamas tend to have it the worst. 

Milk Dust supports postpartum healing, through specific, nourishing vitamins and minerals. This is really important for healing, and the majority of healing after birth comes from protein. Protein in a safe, clean form is very important. Pea protein and chia seed protein are the main sources for this. 

Milk Dust is dairy free, vegan and offers mostly organic ingredients. Due to the nature of prices and development, some organic ingredients are difficult to source in reasonable costs, but as we continue to pursue the best, we hope that every ingredient will be organic. This also makes Milk Dust affordable, and not a hugely expensive protein powder. Because it is also a lactation-booster, folate source, protein source, and vitamin and mineral source, it is such a great value! 

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