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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and of course, we are all looking for the perfect items to get those mamas, who are brand new. Well, this gift guide features items I love, that I recommend buying for any new mamas this spring. Some of these are brands that sent me items to review and use, while others are just ones that I love, and would recommend as a gift for new moms.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide For First-Time Moms:

Binxy Baby: I can’t believe I am just now getting one of these. I lugged that car seat around with my first baby everywhere. What was I thinking? This is by far, one of the best inventions. I keep it in the pocket behind the driver’s seat of my van, that way I always have it ready. It clasps onto the sides of the cart very simply, and it has a buckle for the baby, so they won’t roll out. I am telling you, these are worth it. They also hold up to 50 lbs, and if you want to keep your baby in the car seat, you can put the car seat in the sling, so it’s much safer than sitting on the edge of the carts. I have taken to the grocery store, Micheals, Walmart, and Target (pictured in photos).


Finn + Emma®’Wooden Teether and Elephant Rattle: These two items go everywhere with us. He loves them! The teether has been super helpful because it rattles or shakes, which he loves the noise, and it’s a safe item for him to chew his heart out. All of their items are organic and safe, so I like that. Finn + Emma®’s garments are made with buttery soft, G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton and non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes. The snaps are lead/nickel-free with real coconut inserts. How cool is that? They also run a bit big, with generous fits so the little ones don’t outgrow the outfits so fast.

The teether is made from untreated Indian hardwood. It is finished with vegetable seed wax, and the rattle I mentioned is from little beans inside. The knitted elephant is hand-knit by an artisanal women’s collective in Peru with G.O.T.S certified organic cotton yarn and wool stuffing. The Wooden teethers feature a phthalate-free rattle inside.

You will also find muslin blankets in bright colors and wooden play gyms and mats that are modern and sophisticated!

Milestone Baby Cards: These are very fun for first-time moms because we all know how many photos we take of our first child. I videotaped and snapped all day long. The Milestone Baby Cards just add that extra bit of fun to your photos, and there is a space to write the date on the back of the card! Most first-time moms plan a scrapbook or memory box, so these are great additions to that.

The cards come with all sorts of milestones including a card for each month up to a year, first tooth, rolling over, sitting up, first word…anything you can think of, plus some blank ones, so you can get creative and write your own! I chose the “Over The Moon” collection because I loved the colors!

Lillebaby Carrier: I was in love with my Baby Bjorn for 4 years. I wore it with all three babies, and then Lillebaby sent me a carrier to try. Well, I have to say that I had no idea how much the Bjorn was pulling on my back, til I put my new Lillebaby carrier on. It was such a different feeling. I do like getting the baby in and out of the Bjorn better, and I am adjusting to the bulkiness of the Lillebaby compared to the Bjorn, but I can wear the baby so much longer with no shoulder and back pain. It’s worth the little bit of awkwardness I still have getting it on and off. I am recommending it for first-time moms who don’t realize the impact a carrier can have on your shoulders and back. I didn’t for years!


DockATot: I did a full review on this co-sleeper because it is one of my favorite items for my third baby boy. It allows me to safely co-sleep, while also having a portable place to put him. Because I am all over the place with his two older brothers, I tend to have to put him to sleep wherever we are – the kitchen, outside, and living room…the DockATot is super easy to move around, while still offering me the comfort and safety I need when he sleeps next to me at night. Check out the full reviewAND DOCKATOT IS GIVING YOU $10 OFF!! Doesn’t get much better than that if you have a new mom to buy for.

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