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Losing the baby weight is a difficult task, especially when you have multiple children. Even once the baby weight is gone, maintaining and staying fit with kids is also difficult. I have managed to lose the baby weight three times now, in addition to staying fit with three kids at home. I don’t have a gym membership, so there isn’t a time for me to workout with no interruptions. Unless I want to workout in the middle of the night after I get all my blogging-related/momlife things done. But that just doesn’t work for me. I also attempt to sleep more than 6 hours, so getting up before the kids doesn’t work well either. I’ve managed to get up and go for a run maybe three times in my life before the kids. It actually felt amazing, but it wasn’t realistic. So, how do I stay fit with three kids at home? I’ve got 5 steps to help you, that I hope are realistic, because they are realistic for me, a mom with no gym, no nanny every day, no time off, and three kids running around. So, let’s get into the tips.


I can’t emphasize this enough, and it is probably the tip most don’t want to hear. Your diet is 80 % of staying fit. It is also so very important to maintaining your milk supply if you are breastfeeding while losing the baby weight. I literally just weaned my third baby one week ago. I was able to maintain a healthy supply and increase my workouts for 18 months. If you are working on losing the baby weight, and need some help with nutrition, I have a free 14-day clean eating challenge that really gives you all the details. It is a great start to helping you know how to nourish your body properly. If you want even more help, I have a full program that is specifically for postpartum mamas to help lose the baby weight, heal and nourish your body for breastfeeding. Lots of recipes, a meal plan, loads of tips and tricks, workouts and more.

Second, CARDIO:

I love to run, and I used to be a runner pre-babies. Now, I pack my kids up and run with them in the stroller. I am able to get a great workout in because pushing the stroller is HARD, and I don’t need anyone to watch my kids. I can either play my music for them, or put my head phones on and zone out while they play, read books, suck on suckers and eat snacks. This leaves me some “free time” without having to pay for child care or depend on anyone. If you need help keeping your kids entertained in the stroller, I’ve got some good ideas in this pos (non-tech ways!). I also wrote a guide on how to start running after babies. I believe that running is the fastest way to lose weight. If you aren’t a runner, walking is amazing too! I recommend walking at least 4 miles if you can. That gives your body enough time to burn some fat.


Protein shakes are such a huge help to me for getting in nutrition fast. Not sure about you, but I barely have a chance to sit down and eat a nice salad, or make myself a super healthy meal, but I do have one hand to throw things in a blender and go! Protein shakes aren’t meal replacements, but because I use the FANTASTIC protein powder, that is safe for breastfeeding mamas, I get in a lot of nutrients, vitamins and DIGESTIVE ENZYMES. You can read more on how clean it is, or why I love it for breastfeeding and milk supply.


Being completely transparent, I believe that my three little ones help me stay fit because they keep me active. I have three boys, and their favorite game is chase. They LOVE it when I run around and play chase. They also want me to swim, pick them up, hold them, tell them stories…you know the drill I’m sure. Well, that keeps me from eating if I am bored, and from sitting a lot. Moving a lot throughout the day is actually super good for you. It keeps your metabolism going, it keeps the extreme fatigue of motherhood at bay, and it makes myself and my kids happier. They behave much better when I am actively involved and aware of what they are doing. I swear, the minute I sit down to do something, or watch TV, hell breaks lose. If I am up moving around, everyone stays sane!


I ALWAYS eat more when we stay home. On the days we go out to parks, adventures, the zoo, to friends, I don’t nearly eat as much. We are busy, having fun, talking etc. We recently have had some unusual rain, so we’ve been home. I swear I eat something like every hour. The food is there, I get bored of laundry or playing dinosaurs, so I think good is a great excuse! When we are busy out of the house, this totally doesn’t happen. I highly recommend finding places to go play most days. It does wonders to get everyone outside, or to a fun place to get all of that energy out. Even if it is just a leisurely walk around the neighborhood for a while. It helps a ton, and I highly recommend it!!

Those are my 5 tips that have proven themselves to work three times now. I know it is hard to lose the weight. Motherhood is exhausting. But, I learned quickly that I feel better, and I have more energy for my kids and husband when I feel good physically. That means getting a workout in, fueling my body properly, and then my mind becomes a happier place. The mind and body are so closely connect, it is amazing the mental clarity and happiness that comes if you give your body the nourishment and activity it craves!

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