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Protein powder really helped me keep my milk supply up while losing the baby weight with all three of my babies. I’ve lost over 25 pounds of baby weight for each pregnancy, and bounced back to my pre-baby weight around six weeks. I love a great protein powder and health smoothies. I wrote a post on the best protein powders for breastfeeding moms. I wanted to go over a few options, which with all that research led me to the protein powder I know talk a lot about and love as a tool to increase milk supply and help you lose the baby weight.

Can protein powder really increase milk supply?

protein powder to increase milk supply

Absolutely. Protein powder can increase milk supply by offering nutritional support for new mommies, as well as lactation boosting properties. Most protein powders aren’t just protein, but full of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more that support a healthy breastfeeding diet. In short, there are a few awesome ingredients that have been proven to boost milk supply in my protein powder, which sets it apart from many others:

  • Fenugreek
  • Fennel Seed
  • Milk Thistle
  • Brewer’s Yeast
  • Turmeric
  • Red Raspberry Leaf

Not all protein powders have these ingredients that increase milk supply, which is why a lactation protein powder is your best choice! 

What exactly is a lactation protein powder?

protein powder to increase milk supply

Lactation protein powder is really an amazing blend of protein powder with galactogogues to increase your milk supply. Think of it as two products in one. It offers the nutritional support of a protein powder, to make grabbing a healthy meal or snack easy, while also encouraging your milk supply for baby.

You can create amazing lactation shakes and smoothies to easily drink while nursing to nourish your body and increase your milk supply! 

The 8 BEST Lactation Protein Shakes For Pumping Up Your Milk Supply While Losing The Baby Weight

Protein powders offer nutritional support that also increases milk supply:

A protein powder is a great source of additional nutrients for breastfeeding mamas, which is the cornerstone of good health and lots of milk. It is really important to follow a healthy breastfeeding diet plan that supports your body. Without the support of essential nutrients, your body isn’t getting the help it needs to function optimally.

Nutrients that support a healthy milk supply:

  • Protein for cell, organ, muscle and brain and body functioning
  • Carbohydrates for energy to create breast milk
  • Folate for mommy and baby
  • Zinc for mommy and baby
  • Fat for baby’s brain development and mother’s support
  • Iron for energy and blood health
  • B vitamins for baby’s brain development and mother’s energy and health

All of these nutrients, plus other important ones as well support a healthy milk supply. If you aren’t eating enough nutrient-dense foods, your milk supply can suffer because your health is suffering.

Nutrients play a major role in milk production, and protein powder can support a mother’s nutritional needs, thus increasing milk supply.

Why I Created Milk Dust for Breastfeeding Mamas:

lactation protein powder to increase milk supply

I’ve been referring mamas to the best protein powders on the market for a couple years now. Still, none of them had the solutions that I know so many mamas need. I’ve also been coaching and helping women lose weight while breastfeeding, and there were some repeated issues:

  • Drop in milk supply with diet change
  • Intense sugar cravings
  • Hunger all the time
  • Too tired/busy to prep and prepare healthy meals

Protein shakes have always been my go-to to help me increase my milk supply, while also losing  the baby weight in a healthy way for me and baby.

But, there wasn’t a protein powder that I felt really nourished my body, protected my milk supply and helped me get over the sugar cravings. I created Milk Dust to do all of these things. I want moms to have something to help them. A product that gives nutrients to both mama and baby, as well as providing an herbal boost for lactation. This helps keep your milk supply as you start changing your diet, reducing calories and losing weight.

Let’s take a look at what we have as far as ingredients in Milk Dust:

Let’s start with the protein:

Pea protein, brown rice, chia seeds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds.  All of these are great sources of plant protein. The seed-protein adds some great omega-3 fatty acids to your milk, which I talk more about the fat content in breast milk in this post. 

There are 14 grams of protein per serving, which is just perfect. Many protein powders have quite a bit of protein, which can actually be too much for your body to absorb in one meal. Having a smaller amount ensure that you can absorb all the protein you are consuming.

the best protein powder for increasing milk supply

The Fruit Blend: 

The fruits are there to add a natural sweetness, antioxidants, fiber, phytonutrients and added nutrition like vitamin C. This will help with absorption of iron found in our greens blend, and overall add balance to the formula to include an important food group.

The Greens/Energy Blend:

Spinach, Chlorella and Spirulina are SUPERFOODS!! They offer so many potent and important nutrients that breastfeeding mothers and baby can benefit from. Iron is big in both the super greens, which can result in a boost in energy. Spinach has so many essential nutrients like potassium, calcium and iron as well.

The Lactation Blend:

My protein powder has a lactation blend is specifically formulated with various galactagogues that have been proven to increase milk supply in studies. Many of these herbs have been helpful for lactating mothers for centuries, and by combining a blend, we are reducing any of the side effects that may come from herbs like fenugreek, but also adding to the nutrients.

The Sugar Craving/Blood Sugar Support Blend:

Here we used a few ingredients proven to support blood sugar levels and cravings. Chromium and Magnesium in particular have been used to help treat diabetes, and I personally used Chromium for some time to help me eat more protein and less sugar. Electrolyte balance is also essential for breastfeeding, so offering these minerals have an added bonus. Cinnamon bark and tumeric also have many benefits for health overall, but have specifically been proven to help balance blood sugar and reduce sugar cravings. Adding vitamin B12 helps boost energy, which is necessary for new mommies! Many times fatigue itself causes carb cravings, so this can really help!

The naturally sweet taste:

Milk Dust is sweetened with Stevia, monk fruit and organic cane sugar. There is very little sugar per serving. These are natural sweeteners, not chemicals or sugar alcohols. Having a sweet treat is one of the BEST ways to combat sugar cravings. Without the sweet taste, you can still be left wanting the satisfaction of a dessert-like, or chocolate taste. There are many sweet, yummy recipes that I have created for this powder in particular. I really like it combined with almond milk, avocado and the powder. Super simple, creamy and sweet!!

All of these ingredients are super expensive to buy and eat on our own, so having them in a powder form that is easily digestible is a great choice for busy, breastfeeding mamas. 

Seriously, it’s so easy to whip up a smoothie in your blender. Hopefully you’ve got a good one that can blend everything smooth. Quick and easy ways to get a lot of nutrients in at once is so important as a new mom. The extra protein powder will help your body build muscle back, and the vitamins and nutrients will encourage your body to produce a healthy milk supply for your baby. It’s a win win for everyone.


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    I did weight watchers for a while a year before I got pregnant and for a little while after I had my daughter. Both times – I ended up with very little output. Mummy magic weight loss tea, however, is a good plan because you can basically eat what you want but in moderation. It also won’t hurt your supply if you plan on breastfeeding.

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