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Breastfeeding snacks are a B.I.G. deal. Nursing mamas need snacks on-hand 24/7, and they need to be healthy to ensure great nutrition for mama and baby. Snacks can help keep you happy and baby happy in more ways than one, and ensure you don’t turn into one hangry milk mama. Let’s go over this amazing list of healthy snacks for breastfeeding mamas, and the first three are my all-time favorites because they are full of nutrients that help your body heal postpartum, promote a healthy milk supply, while also being naturally sweet, for those endless sweet cravings!

In my years of helping mamas lose weight while breastfeeding, there was a protein powder missing that was specifically designed for breastfeeding mamas to combat these sugar cravings and fully nourish mamas. I am a firm believer in nutrition for milk supply, so I created Milk DustMilk Dust is literally your best friend for lactation and weight loss. It has a milk-boosting herb blend, plenty of protein, sugar-craving-busting herbs like Tumeric, Cinnamon Bark Root and minerals like Chromium which have all been used to balance blood sugar. In addition to all these fabulous items. I hand-picked specific vitamins like Folate (L-Methylfolate) because folate is still important during lactation! Almost just as important as in pregnancy. I also hand-picked vitamin B12 for energy, and super foods like Chlorella, Spirulina, Spinach, Blueberries and more. The protein powder is free of soy, gluten, dairy and corn. It is NON-GMO, Vegan and plant-based!! I highly recommend you check it out if you are craving sugar. It is only sweetened with Stevia, Monk Fruit and Organic Cane Juice, which means there is very little sugar, but it is very sweet, so you still get to drink something like a milkshake!

There is no other clean, super nutrient-dense protein powders that are specifically made for postpartum healing, nourishment, lactation and weight loss. There are thousands of mamas waiting for this to launch, and I am so excited to finally have a product that helps mamas nourish themselves while also losing weight.

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My 3 Favorite Breastfeeding Snacks To Crush Sugar Cravings and Keep Off The Baby Weight!

Strawberry Chocolate Coconut Bowl:

This is so good! All you do is cut up some strawberries, throw some shredded coconut, chocolate chips and walnuts on top, then a dollop of coconut yogurt. I am a huge fan of coconut yogurt because you still get the thick consistency of regular yogurt, without the dairy factor. Dairy, in my opinion, should be one of the firs things to go if you are trying to lose the baby weight, or get healthier. Most people are sensitive to it, and it spikes your insulin levels more than it should, based on the protein content. I talk more about nutrition and foods to eat for postpartum weight loss in my postpartum fitness and recovery program. There’s a meal plan and special recipes for breastfeeding and losing the baby weight. Nutrition is so important, I can’t stress that enough!! As you will see in the rest of my healthy snacks, I eat a lot of berries (full of nutrients and antioxidants), as well as healthy sugar and fiber to fill you up and crush those breastfeeding sugar cravings.

Blueberry Peach & Walnut Plate:

If you can think of better names for these snacks, feel free to send them to me! These are just my weekly staples postpartum and breastfeeding, and still now after just weaning my third baby. This one is a combo of peaches and blueberries, topped with crushed walnuts and coconut shreds. I devour this!! It is so good, full of healthy fats, and naturally sweet! Feel free to add some chocolate chips in there to really make it like a dessert snack. I do that often as well!

Banana Strawberry + Coconut Boats:

This one is really good too! I slice a banana in half, then put a layer of coconut yogurt on top. You can do plain, or a vanilla flavored. Just check to see how much sugar is in the coconut yogurt. Buy a brand that is lighter on the sugar, or grab a plain and add some honey or Stevia. Then, I slice strawberries and layer on top of the yogurt. I sprinkle with walnuts and shredded coconut, and it is super yummy. Seriously, this one is great, and the banana and yogurt really helps the sweet cravings in a super healthy way!!

I love fruit, and I believe it is so important for your body to have healthy sugar and carbs to run off of. There are so many nutrients in fruit, and because they are full of water and fiber, the sugar digests and enters your blood stream very slowly, helping minimize any sugar crashes. Also in these snacks are healthy fats, which will slow the absorption of the sugar too, and go straight to your milk!! I wrote more about fat content in breast milk here. 

These are my all-time favorite snacks. The only issue with them is that I go through produce quickly. But, I buy less packaged snacks and goods, and if you buy the bakers packages of nuts, they are usually less expensive. I will say I have to run to the store more often, but I think it is worth it for the health!

I have more snack ideas for you, that I think are also fabulous, and I eat in addition to my favorites. These snacks are full of MILK-BOOSTING goodies, and healthy!!


Carrots, turkey and hummus: grab your favorite hummus because chick peas are amazing for milk supply, and dip with carrots and turkey. Obviously you want to get a clean, deli meat turkey, which you can spread some hummus on and roll up!

Overnight Oats: because this is cold, I don’t mind it as a snack mid-day either! I for whatever reason, think it is great any time of the day, and I have a strawberries and cream lactation oats recipe you will love!

Sweet Potato Chips and Mango Salsa: okay, I said mango salsa because I have a super addicting mango salsa recipe I really want you to try. But, of course choose any salsa you like. I love corn and black bean salsas too. Sweet potatoes are also amazing for breastfeeding, and why not make your own chips or grab some sweet potato chips?!

Protein Lactation Shake: these are amazing for busting sweet cravings and getting in the protein you need. I highly suggest this protein powder because it tastes amazing, and it is totally safe for breastfeeding mamas. Blending it with spinach and frozen berries actually tastes like dessert, and is so healthy! Try this skinny tropical lactation shake to get started!

Lightened-up Trail Mix: I love to blend air-popped popcorn with nuts, chocolate chips and grapes rather than dried fruit. Dried fruit is hard on your digestive system, so I steer clear as much as possible. All the water has been sucked out, so it is basically candy. Try grapes instead, and sprinkle some sea salt on the whole mixture! I will add a picture here the next time I make it.

Apples and Goat Cheese: I love this combo! For some reason, the healthy fats and sugar from the fruit is so satisfying! Cheese has less lactose than other dairies like yogurt and milk, and I go for goat cheese most of the time because it isn’t cow’s milk, and has less of an impact on blood sugar.

Lettuce Tuna Wraps: This is a great snack or lunch really. I mix tuna with a light mayo, or actually leave it dry and add avocado to make it creamier in the wrap. I season the tuna with salt and pepper, mash the avocado on the big leaf of lettuce, add a tomato if you have it and roll it up! These aren’t as sweet as the others, but very satisfying!

Baked Sweet Potato With Goat Cheese: AMAZING! I love this combo because the goat cheese is so decadent, and combined with the sweet potato, it is super filling. I just pierce my sweet potatoes with a fork and microwave for about 5-7 minutes depending on the size. You can buy them in steam bags, so you can cook them that way too.

Avocado Sweet Potato Toast: I’m sure you’ve seen on Pinterest the sweet potato toasts around. You just slice the sweet potato thin, like a slice of bread and put it in your toaster. I haven’t tried it this way, but apparently it works. I put mine in the oven with a spray of coconut oil and sprinkle of sea salt. 450 for around 15-20 minutes is usually good, but I usually just watch until I see brown edges. I’m not an exact person in the kitchen. Then, I spread mashed avocado with sea salt and pepper on the slices (usually three at at time for a snack and half an avocado), and it is yummy! You can also mash your avocado with some goat cheese to make a creamy spread, too good!

I will be slowly adding photos of these, but I always make and eat them so quick and remember after to do it! This is literally what I LOVE to eat while breastfeeding and healing postpartum. I am super enthusiastic about nutrition for healing, and I have 60 more recipes (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in my program you can follow to help keep you on track! There’s a lot more than just the meal plan, because I also walk through healing your core and pelvic floor before entering into a workout program. I also have some workouts for you that I created to protect your core and burn calories!!

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