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Lactation protein shakes are a super healthy way to keep your milk supply up, while working on getting lean after having baby. Losing the baby weight is difficult, but worrying about losing your milk is even more stressful. I’ve rounded up the best protein shakes I actually make and drink to keep my supply up while losing the baby weight.

In my little program, I go over everything you need to know to lose the baby weight without losing your milk. I have  meals plans, healing foods, milk-boosting supplements, recipes, shopping lists and much much more. I walk you through healing your core,  strengthening your pelvic floor and so much more.  If you are looking for a more in-depth plan that goes over healing postpartum, properly nourishing your body for milk supply, a meal plan and recipes and workouts to lose the baby weight, please check out my new program, The Postpartum Cure. So many mamas are having tons of success with just the little bit of help and knowledge! I highly encourage you to check it out now, because I add more content monthly and increase the price as more information, videos and details are added!

This is one of my favorite protein powders that I use for my lactation shakes.  I also love Ora Organics and Milk Dust. I talk a lot about Milk Dust  in this post, and go over the milk-boosting ingredients, and why it is super clean and yummy!!

Here are your top 8 lactation protein shakes to pump up your milk and help you lose weight!

The Perfect Green Lactation Smoothie for Weight Loss while Breastfeeding

Skinny Tropical Pink Summer Protein Shake for Breastfeeding Mamas

Dark Chocolate Blueberry Lactation Shake For Postpartum Healing and Weight Loss

Unicorn Lactation Smoothie Packed With Protein

Green Lactation Goddess Protein Shake

Mango Mama Protein Shake for Lactation and Weight Loss

Purple Postpartum Protein Shake for Boosting Milk Supply

Skinny Protein Frappucino:

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