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This lactation smoothie is a magical protein shake created just for breastfeeding mamas who want to keep up their milk supply, while also giving their body the proper nutrients it needs to let go of fat. This shake is so yummy, and it is a combination of three shake recipes, all of them lactation protein shakes to really give your body a milk boost.

I specifically add extra protein in this shake with my favorite protein powder. It is amazing for breastfeeding mamas because of all the wonderful nutrients, and it tastes delicious. The unicorn of protein powders in my opinion. If you want to know more about what is in it, read this post. It is completely pure, free of fillers, chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Created by an amazing company, and full of nutritious flavor. I also have a video of me talking about it at the end of this recipe.

Let’s start with the bottom layer, and work our way up.

The first layer is my purple postpartum protein shake for lactation. You need to see that recipe to make this layer. BUT ONLY MAKE 1/2. so you have room for layers in your unicorn mug.

It is made up of frozen and fresh blueberries. I talk about why blueberries are essential for milk supply and weight loss in another post. I also added 8 fresh blackberries to give it an amazing color. Blackberries have the same antioxidants and nutrient properties as blueberries for breastfeeding mamas.

The key to keeping these creamy is the protein powder and frozen fruit. That way you don’t have any chunky ice.

Once you make the Purple Postpartum Lactation Smoothie, pour it in a glass and put it in the freezer while you make the next layer.

The next layer is the Green Lactation Goddess Protein Shake. I love this one because it is full of sweet kiwis!! Super yummy, and they blend well. I also had a handful of spinach to get a nice green color. There’s a scoop of protein powder, flax seeds and oatmeal as well, so it is full of lactation goodness. Again, make only half the recipe. 

Once you blend this layer up, check your first layer. It took about 20 minutes for just the top to freeze. That’s all you need. The top will freeze up enough to pour the green on, so they stay in layers. Then, put it in the freezer while you blend up the last layer.

The last layer is my Mango Mama Protein Shake. This one is full of fresh mangos, with a frozen tropical blend of mangos, pineapple and peaches. You need to make more mango smoothies. I am telling you this because they blend super creamy like bananas. I get tired of the banana taste after a while, but I want the texture, so your next best choice is mango! Make 1/2 of this recipe. You might have some extra, just drink it or save it in the freezer. Mango smoothies freeze the best for an ice cream-like dessert later.

Sprinkle the top with sweetened coconut and sprinkles, allow it to thaw a bit, and eat it like a dessert with a spoon. That was my favorite way to go.


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