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Staying healthy can be more difficult as the fall and winter approach, and all the cravings for the best comfort foods start hitting us. Pumpkin spice is already here before September! It is also a busy time of year with school, drop offs and pick ups, after school activities and home work. I am new to the school schedule, after homeschooling, and I thought with the kids gone a few hours I would be in HEAVEN! But, there is a lot to do, with a less time after school. We are still struggling with getting our reading and writing practice in, as well as some computer work, so quick and nutritious dinner or meal options for myself and the kids are a lifesavers!

Frozen food options have come a LONG way from TV dinners. I am personally a HUGE fan of frozen foods, both for myself and the kids because of all the options today that include real foods, gluten-free options, meat-free options and so much more! There is a frozen food/meal out there for everyone, no matter your diet! So, when I was asked to try some brands and meal options that accommodate to gluten-free, meat-free and include LOTS of veggies, I was all in!
Here are the options I tried: Birds Eye Veggie MadeTM Garlic Chicken, Birds Eye Veggie MadeTM Mac & Cheese Gardein Classic Meatless Meatballs, Healthy Choice Café Steamers Grilled Chicken Marinara with Parmesan, and Udi’s Sweet Potato Crust Chicken BBQ Pizza.  You can view each of these items here, and have them delivered or ready for pick up, depending on where you shop! 

I received this fabulous big box with all the goods, plus a water bottle, small glass creamer and beautiful napkins! It was really fun to open!

Here are my thoughts these nutritious spins on each option, as well as what my little ones thought as well:

Birds Eye OvenRoasters™ Sheet Pan Vegetables Broccoli and Cauliflower:

This was my favorite because I LOVE roasted veggies. I am a big fan of olive oil and garlic when roasting, and I pretty much at the whole bag in one sitting. The veggies roasted really well, and I didn’t have to do any chopping, drizzling or seasoning. Great flavor, and the vegetables roasted really well, even though they were frozen to start.

Birds Eye Veggie MadeTM Mac & Cheese:

The true test on this one was my kids. I personally found it really good! However, it does not taste like traditional, boxed macaroni. I think that is to be expected because this option has way more nutrients in it with the 100 % vegetable pasta. I personally LOVED it! I found it to be a great lunch or side option for myself, and I even mixed it with the meat-less, meatballs I’ll go over next.

Gardein Classic Meatless Meatballs:

I love that these are a lean protein option, and certified vegan, non-GMO, dairy free and kosher. Non-GMO is a big deal because then you know the flavor isn’t coming from modified, fake flavors, but natural seasoning that make it taste so good! A lean source of protein is so helpful for staying full, without the extra fat calories that are in traditional meat balls. And these took 8 minutes to make. LOVE that!

Healthy Choice Café Steamers Grilled Chicken Marinara with Parmesan:

I LOVED this one for myself. I had it for lunch, and forgot to snag a picture because of course I was eating quickly before running off to pick up a child. Healthy Choice really does focus on healthier options, and this option tasted really good. I love that it came with broccoli, for extra veggies because that is something I would normally add anyways!

Udi’s Sweet Potato Crust Chicken BBQ Pizza:

This was really good! I am a HUGE fan of alternative crusts that offer more than your traditional, bleached white flour. By suing sweet potatoes, you are avoiding wheat all together, while also adding more nutrients to the crust. The pairing of bbq sauce actually made the whole pizza nice and sweet, which I really enjoyed. It has the white meat chicken and smoked Gouda cheese, so I was really impressed by the flavors!

I actually used the meat balls, macaroni and pizza to make a fun dinner for my kids, and it all was so easy! They had lots of options of various foods with nutritional value, and I had no clean-up. Win!

The white napkins came in my sample box, and now I use them all the time! Overall, I was very happy with each option I tried, and I recommend having them in your freezer! You can get all of these quickly in your cart and ready to be delivered or picked up with your next grocery order. 


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