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Protein powder is one of the biggest tools I use for postpartum weight loss, as well as keeping up my milk supply. Lots of mamas worry that when they start losing weight, they will lose your milk supply. But, that’s not true. Your body wants to use the stored calories and nutrients in our fat cells to produce milk, and if you continue to supply your body with great nutrients, your body will have everything it needs to produce lots of milk. I’ve become a pro at breastfeeding, and I am just weaning my third baby now. If you need to increase your milk supply, check out these 5 foods (which also help with weight loss!), and save this post for later. It’s all the tips and tricks my sister and I (she pumped and nursed twins over a year while working part time!!) have learned.

Moving into protein powder smoothie recipes!! I talk a lot about Ora Organic on the blog. I actually just ordered a new tub of vanilla this morning. It’s super, super clean and full of wonderful ingredients for breastfeeding mamas, or postpartum recovery. I love it, and I wrote all about how each ingredient is awesome for milk supply and weight loss. Save that one for later too. If you aren’t even sure how to choose a protein powder, I have a great guide on that, where I go into more details on how to choose one, if you want more options.

Now, let’s get to some awesome recipes!

Vanilla Bean Protein Frapp by Dashing Dish: 

Love this one because there’s no caffeine, but you get the flavor and texture of a frappucino from Startbucks. Get this, there was a study that suggests breast milk tastes a lot like vanilla ice cream. “Scientists have discovered that breast milk smells AND tastes like an awful lot like sweet vanilla ice cream.” Read the source here and see what you think. The reason I like this recipe for milk supply is because it has cottage cheese in it, which adds to the protein and calcium your body craves! Lots of protein to keep you full, and low in actual sugar because the protein powder I recommend is only sweetened with Stevia, not any chemicals or sugar alcohols.

Healthy Funfetti Protein Bars by What Molly Made: 

Yummy! These are made with cashew butter, rather than peanut butter. I get tired of all the recipes with peanut butter, and it actually has more of a cake batter taste with the maple syrup and vanilla protein powder. Cashews are considered a lactogenic food, along with almonds, macadamia nuts and avocados.

No Bake Protein Bars by the Lean Green Bean

These are quick and simple to put together, as well as full of oats! Oats are amazing for milk supply, and each is only 86 calories, so you can have a few!

High Fiber, High Protein Breakfast Bars by All Recipes:

All of this is just so yummy and healthy! Bananas are great for milk supply with the potassium content, in addition to honey.

Minty Green Milk Boosting Smoothie:

This is my recipe, and I specifically add some special ingredients to make it awesome for milk supply, and really good for your postpartum weight loss journey. Protein, veggies, flaxseed and mint to really give you a fresh, and sweet treat! Pin mine for later making! 

There are 6 super awesome, protein-powered lactation recipes to keep you supply up while you lose the baby weight. I also have some more recipes that are healthy treats and encourage milk supply!

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