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Summer is the best motivator to get in shape. The minute you pull on those cut offs and tank tops, you can’t help but want to show some toned skin. The sun is a natural energy booster, so we start getting more active. I was shopping on my DOSH app for some new gear because DOSH offers cash-back when you shop through them! It’s the easiest app to download and use. You check out the current deals, then go to the brand’s site from the app and shop like normal. DOSH puts cash into your wallet once you’ve purchased through the site. Super simple.

There aren’t any fees, and you can transfer the DOSH cash to your bank account, or use the DOSH wallet as a savings account for future splurges.

Let’s get to some hot fitness gear to keep use motivated this summer.

Saucony Cash-Back Deals:

Take a look at the screen shot below. You can see the specific deals available on DOSH only. You not only get a sale price, but you also get cash back for shopping! You can download the app to shop more, or take a look at the other deals I’ve got on here for you. When you click on the “shop now” button, you’ll go to the Saucony website through the app. I have what it looks like in the second screen shot for you.

Let’s see what Nike has for us.

On the DOSH app, you get 4.5% back and FREE SHIPPING! I hate paying for shipping. It makes me feel like what I am buying is more expensive than it is. But, here’s a great way to save on your new Nike shoes, and have them shipped to your door for free!

Here is what it looks like when you click to shop. You go straight to their site.

Don’t Forget the FitBit!

DOSH has a very high cash-back option at 7.5% for FitBit. And, you get free shipping! Yes, that’s great because you can use the 7.5% to buy some new shoes!

I also checked out PUMA.

PUMA is offering 50% off in addition to cash back. That’s my kinda sale right there! I don’t like to pay full price for anything, even my workout gear, so this is probably my favorite option of them all.


Well there you have some awesome deals on your fitness gear for this summer! I am on the hunt for a new pair of running shoes. I told myself I wouldn’t buy a new pair until I completed a 14 day workout program. Does anyone else bribe themselves like that? The PUMA sale is calling my name.

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