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I recently introduced you all to DOSH, a new cash-back app that offers some fantastic cashback options that aren’t just online, but also for nearby restaurants, and my favorite, traveling! We actually have traveled quite a bit as a small family, and we would love to do more if we didn’t have three little wild boys to pack and keep track of.

Well, I did some dreaming with my new app because this time of year, some families are looking to book a fun vacation. Well, DOSH boasts some fantastic cash-back opportunities ALL OVER THE WORLD!

I was so excited, I took some screen shots of various locations we might want to pretend we are going this summer, or you might really be wanting to book!

Let’s start with Barcelona, Spain. If you put in that location, and the dates you’d like to go, you can see that you can stay at a beautiful hotel and get $102 cash back per night! Do you remember what DOSH is? It’s just the cashback you receive. The cash goes into your DOSH wallet, which you can then transfer at any time to your bank accounts or Paypal. Its really simple and no fees.


Then, I wanted to see if I could go to Dubai. Sure enough, DOSH offers cash back options on hotels there too!


Let’s see about Jerusalem, Israel. I’ve always wanted to go, and I am so jealous my husband has been a few times now. You can stay at the Kind David Jerusalem and get $329 back per night! This is real cash back you guys. Not money you have to use through the app. You can transfer it straight to your bank account. You can download here if you’re already to start DOSHING.

Not interested in Israel right now? I also looked up Stockholm, Sweden and Sydney, Australia. Sure enough, more cash back options. In my opinion, this makes traveling the world much more affordable. You can then transfer the cash back to your bank for flights and other travel expenses, or you can use it to shop online for things you might need. Its really a great way to go. Where would you want to travel if you could?

Something else that is unique to the DOSH app is that once you arrive in your new destination, the app is based off your current location, so you can continue to use the app to get a discount and DOSH cash at local dining spots.

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