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Can I tell you how much I love baby items because they are so soft and cute? The problem for me is that I never want to put my baby in the beautiful items because I’m afraid of blowouts and spit ups. I was super excited when Lorena Canals Rugs offered to send me a complimentary rug to review, and add to our home.

I had never heard of these rugs before, but when I took a look at their site, to see if it was a product myself and you, as my readers would be interested in, here’s what I found:

These rugs are ALL MACHINE-WASHABLE…this is so awesome because I have two toddler boys and one baby. Enough said there. I also saw that these rugs were picked by Vogue as a top baby product for celebrity nurseries. We all want to be a little celebrity-like don’t we? But in reality, usually celebrities chose the best items. The rugs are made in India and designed in Spain. They use all natural dyes, are handmade, eco and contain no VOCs, which apparently most carpeting and rugs do. Martha Stewart explains what VOCs in rugs are better than I could.

The proceeds of the rugs go to the Sakula project, which provide schooling for children in India. Here’s what their site says on the project. I thought it was a great project to support!

Lorena Canals Sakûla project

In 2008 we built a Nursery in Haryana, the North of India, in order to attend children who are in the streets without protection and security, have a place to be, receive one meal a day and the education they need. For the moment we have in our nursery 104 kids and we hope to increase this number more and more every year!

And here’s the video on the project from their site too!


Not only is the company amazing, the rugs are wonderful! I chose the BABY one. I thought it was nuetral and cute, but you’ve got to see their new spring/tribal ones!

When the rug arrived is was neatly folded in a big box. It’s actually thick, and heavy. I wasn’t sure what to expect because its washable. I thought maybe it would be more blanket-like. But it is really a rug, and pretty big! I can lay the baby down and he can move all over!

Because David is the third baby, we don’t really have a nursery for him, and I co-sleep like I mention in this post with the DockATot, so a nursery isn’t that realistic for me. I set up a spot for the rug inside, where it’s David’s special place to lay and play.

Or sleep, if he wants to too!

If you visit the site, there are a lot of cute nursery set ups with these rugs that I just pine over, and check out this tropical rug set up in a home, so cute!

The rugs have my approval, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for quality pieces to put in their home that are baby-friendly!

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