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Protein is so important for your milk supply and losing the baby weight. It literally will keep your muscle, feed your organs and tissues, give your body power to produce nutrient-dense milks (read this for information on fat content in milk), and ultimately keep your body full. Here are some amazing, protein-rich and low-carb foods that will keep your supply up, while you are losing the baby weight. If you are struggling with milk supply, and desperately want to lose the baby weight, check out these amazing milk-boosters to help you!


Isn’t this on every amazing food list? I feel like it is, but it is especially wonderful for breastfeeding mamas! Here’s why, it is full of DHA, which is so very important for baby’s brain. The fats that we eat actually do enter the breast milk, so it is important we eat foods with the right fats and high in protein. Basically, the more DHA a mother consumes, the more DHA is in her breast milk. Just be aware of mercury content, and eat a few time a week. Salmon is super low carb, so a wonderful food to choose while trying to lose the baby weight and keep that supply up.


Eggs are so quick and easy, and wonderful for milk production. They also contain DHA if they are fortified, so buy those kind, and eat them every day to ensure your baby has enough each day for brain development. Eggs contain nutrients, vitamins A, B2, B12, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, phosphorous and minerals.

Protein Powder:

I rave and rave about this protein powder. It is amazing because it is all natural, totally full of breast-milk boosting ingredients, and full of flavor. Protein shakes are may FAVORITE way to go low carb, get lots of nutrients and ensure I have a healthy milk supply. Follow me on Insta, and I post lots of shake and protein bar recipes. It is the cleanest, tastiest protein powder I’ve found with no chemicals at all. I also wrote a post on how to choose the right protein powder for you, as well as some other brands I suggest while breastfeeding.

Greek Yogurt:

I am not a huge dairy fan, but while breastfeeding I will eat some Greek yogurt. Probiotics are a big deal while breastfeeding because they keep you healthy, and can help ward off mastitis. Greek yogurt is higher in protein, has a nice, thick texture, and it is full of calcium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin B-12.

Goat’s Milk:

This stuff is wonderful for you, full of protein, low carb, and also full of nutrients that cow’s milk doesn’t have. According to Dr. Sears, “The vitamin and mineral content of goat’s milk and cow’s milk are fairly similar, though goat’s milk contains a bit more calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin A, potassium, niacin, copper and the antioxidant selenium.” Goat’s milk is also easier to digest, so the vitamins and nutrients get into your body easier.


A super power, low carb veggie I can’t leave off the list. It is on every list because it is that worthy. Full of iron, calcium, folic acid, vitamins and minerals, it will pump your body full of the nutrients it needs to produce high quality milk, as well as let the baby weight go. I like to throw my spinach in smoothies, so I can eat more of it. I don’t like it raw, but it is amazing in my Minty Green Milk Supply smoothie made with the amazing protein powder.

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    “Healthy nursing tea” helps my breastmilk supply dramatically! I don’t know what I would do without it!

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