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It’s no secret we visit the beach weekly, and sometimes it is easier to pack a bagel breakfast sandwich and eat it there, rather than spending a lot of time cooking, eating and cleaning breakfast in the morning. We would rather hurry and get to the beach to enjoy our breakfast there. So, I created a yummy little breakfast sandwich that we can wrap up and take in our picnic basket. These are super simple too, with things you will have on hand. Nothing too fancy. Just yummy and filling for long days of sand castles and swimming.

David loves this sandwich, and my husband ate two this morning. If he approves, you know they are good.

Here is what you need to make TWO of the sandwiches. Make extra 🙂

2 bagels pre-sliced (keep it easy)
2 eggs
2 TBSP butter
Two slices of Mozzarella cheese (any cheese works really though)
2 round patties of your favorite sausage (I used two round jimmy dean ones I can pop in the microwave)
2 slices of tomato
sea salt


Start by frying your eggs. Drop them in the pan on a low/medium heat and let them slowly cook. These are fried eggs, but we like the center semi-solid. Not totally runny because it is messy on the beach. Cook it how you like it, but just remember runny eggs and sand don’t go well!

While your eggs are cooking, toast your bagels in the oven or a toaster oven to melt the cheese on one side. I toasted for about 5 minutes at 400 F. Then, pop your sausage in the microwave.

While things are cooking, slice up your tomato. I sprinkle my tomatoes with a little sea salt to bring out the flavor.

When the bagels are done. lay them out and butter the other side (non-cheese side). Place the sausage patty, followed by one fried egg (well done) on top of the butter side. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on the egg. This helps keep it on the sandwich. Add the tomato to the egg, then top with the melted cheese side. Wrap it up, and put it in your picnic basket!

This is seriously one of our favorite sandwiches! Having them ready to go the night before makes things even easier, so I highly recommend prepping ahead of time!

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