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Lactation protein shakes are my secret weapon for postpartum weight loss and milk supply. Keeping up your milk supply as a busy mama can cause lots of anxiety as a new mama, but there are some amazing nutrients and herbs out there that can really help. I created an awesome protein shake recipe that will help you pump up your milk fast because it is full of milk-boosting, lactation-causing, and galactagogue ingredients! Scroll to the bottom to see my full, video review of the taste and the lactation bites!

I discovered a new lactation protein powder by Majka. This stuff is amazing, and so HEALTHY for you. I am ecstatic that it even exists because it is much more than a protein powder. It offers a full spectrum of nutritional benefits that mamas need to function properly, produce breast milk, and thrive as happy, healthy mamas. Basically, it has everything you could ever want and need in a protein powder, but more. You have NO artificial sweeteners or chemicals. This means that you may have less of a “dessert” taste, but you can dress it up with other healthy ingredients like the cherries I did in this post.

This powder has a list of lactation-boosting ingredients like fennel, fenugreek, sesame seed, and more. I had wonderful luck with fenugreek as a breastfeeding mama, so I am super excited that is one of the galactagogues.  Nutrition is the key to your milk supply and weight loss.

In addition to the lactation blend, there is a digestive enzyme blend, probiotic blend, greens and fruits plus essential vitamins and minerals. This is wonderful for mamas needing nutritional support all in one powder. By using something like Majka, you eliminate the need to take probiotics, digestive enzymes, and other vitamins separately.

If you are more concerned with weight loss, I also suggest this protein powder which has a higher protein count and really helps with weight loss, while also having milk-boosting nutrients.

Let’s get into the recipe for this amazing, Kale + Cherry Lactation Shake:


1/4 banana
10-15 frozen cherries
small handful of kale
one scoop Majka
Use the Majka scoop for 2 full scoops of almond milk

Put everything in the blender, and blend!!

Check out my video!

YouTube video
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