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This post is sponsored by WOW MOMS, where I received the product to try, and I was blown away with the quality and taste, so here are the details! Of course, as always, all opinions are my own. 

Whey protein powder can be very safe and beneficial for breastfeeding mamas. Protein is essential for postpartum mamas to heal properly, as well as produce breast milk. Breastfeeding mamas need protein, and whey protein powder can be a great choice to help you consume enough protein, as well as make some delicious recipes.

How is whey protein powder beneficial for breastfeeding mamas?

Whey protein is a complete amino acid protein because it comes from animals. Our bodies do not create protein, we need to consume it for our muscles, hair, skin, cells and for baby. Protein is going to help with cell growth, and the amino acids pass through to baby, who needs the protein too! Whey protein is a complete protein, which means it is a complete building block for your body to function. Some plant-based proteins are not complete amino acids, so this is a great benefit of why protein powder.

Possible issues with whey protein while breastfeeding:

The only issue that arises with whey protein powder is your body’s reaction to dairy. Some have sensitivities to dairy, which can cause inflammation in your system. This is something you can easily figure out by excluding dairy from your diet for a week, then adding cheese into your diet first. If that goes well, add yogurt. If that goes well add in cream and milk. By slowly adding various dairy products into your diet, you can monitor how you feel and your reaction to dairy. Some signs to look out for are feeling gassy, bloated, tired, or having to immediately go to the bathroom. If you have no issue with dairy, then whey protein can be a great help to consume enough protein, or to replace meals if you are working on losing weight. Blending protein powder with veggies and berries is an awesome way to get in a lot of nutrition fast as a busy, breastfeeding mama.

The best whey protein powder for breastfeeding mamas:

WOW MOMS whey protein powder is my top choice for breastfeeding mamas. It was created by moms, for moms. It is a safe and clean product with no added chemicals, artificial sweeteners or unnecessary ingredients. Pure protein from grass-fed whey. Grass-fed whey is the only kind of whey I really suggest for protein powders because otherwise you are getting a whey protein powder from grain-fed cows. This is unnatural and can cause more problems rather than helping you. It is also a cold-filtered whey, so the processing is very minimal, making it basically as pure and clean as it gets concerning whey protein. This is what we want to put in our bodies!! There are only 100 calories per serving, yet a big does of 21 grams of protein. You get 10% off with my code: KATIEJOYFULMESSES

This protein powder also tastes amazing! Check out my eggnog protein shake that I made with the vanilla. It is soo good! There are no artificial sweeteners, just Stevia. It is a soft-vanilla-cake-like taste that blends creamy and frothy. The best part of whey protein powder is that it blends so creamy. Plant-based protein powders can’t blend as creamy as whey protein powders, so if you are sensitive or concerned about texture, whey protein might be the way to go. I also blend this with cold-brew coffee, and it makes a delicious and creamy, skinny frappucino.

You get about 30 servings per tub, and a huge scoop for a serving, which means you get more volume and taste in your shakes. My kids also love this protein powder because it blends like a milkshake! I tell them they can have a milk shake for dessert, and they have no idea it is full of protein and no sugar! Great way to have dessert.

To make the coffee frappucino just blend 1 cup of cold brew coffee, about 1 cup of ice, and a scoop of WOW MOMS vanilla protein powder. Depending on your blender, you may want to add a little almond milk if it needs more liquid. This is THE BEST FRAPP EVER!!

If you are looking for a great whey protein powder option, as a breastfeeding mama the WOW MOMS whey protein is a great, super clean option you know is safe for you and baby.

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