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A healthy eggnog protein shake that is perfect to celebrate the holidays, while sticking to your holiday fitness goals. This is so good. Like creamy, yummy, festive and super healthy. You aren’t consuming loads of sugar and fat all all with this protein shake recipe. This recipe is created with WOW MOMS vanilla protein shake. This is one of my top protein powders for breastfeeding mamas, and it is really good. It is the top whey protein powder I suggest if you are breastfeeding. It is a very clean protein powder, made from grass-fed whey, which is very important!! Because this protein powder is so clean, it is a great way for breastfeeding mamas to get enough protein. If you can’t do dairy, this is my favorite plant-based protein powder that blends really well. Because this protein powder is naturally sweet, it helps with sweet cravings, and it fills you up with the protein. It also blends very creamy, which is why I like it for this recipe. GET 10% OFF WITH MY COUPON CODE: KATIEJOFULMESSES

The recipe is super simple, and is for one serving. Just double if you need more!

2/3 cups almond milk 2/3 cups non-dairy eggnog or low-fat eggnog. I used Silk Soy Eggnog because their flavor is great. 2 frozen bananas 1 scoop vanilla WOW MOMS vanilla protein powder. Throw everything in the blender, and enjoy right away! My boys loved these, and I felt great letting them have some because it isn’t full of sugar (or alcohol!). I highly suggest this fun protein shake for the holidays to feel like you are celebrating, yet still staying super healthy and happy! There’s no need to over-indulge or feel like you are left out. This is honestly so yummy! I am SO EXCITED to share that I have launched Milk Dust, the only protein powder that pumps up your milk supply with a special lactation blend, while also curbing sugar cravings!! There is no other clean, super nutrient-dense protein powders like this, and I would love for you to sign up for the pre sale lists, where I am offering the first batch at a discount!!

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