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Are you looking for some of the cutest Halloween cookies for this year’s upcoming Halloween festivities? These must-try Halloween cookies are fun, cute, and will be gobbled up in no time.

Halloween is such a fun time for both adults and kids. It is fun to dress up, go trick-or-treating, and participate in all of the spooky activities offered. A fun Halloween activity would be getting everyone in the family to make their favorite spooky cookies!

If you are looking to serve up some of the cutest Halloween cookies, these fun and not so frightful cookies will make the perfect addition to any party!

Halloween Mummy Oreo Pops

Halloween Cookies

Super cute, these fun Halloween-themed Oreo pops are decorated to look like cute mummies.

Halloween Peanut Butter Cookie Cups

halloween peanut butter cookie

These cute cookie cups start with homemade cookie dough and are topped with your favorite candy to look like Halloween spiders, mummies, or eyeballs.

Gluten-Free Halloween Cut Out Cookies

halloween cookie recipe

Using a homemade gluten-free cookie mix, these fun Halloween-themed cut-out cookies will make a delicious treat.

Dark Chocolate Halloween Cookies

dark chocolate cookie

These triple chocolate Halloween cookies are spooky fun! Topped with bright orange candies, the cookies are perfect for Halloween.

Square Pumpkin Cookieshalloween crackers recipe

These fun pumpkin cookies are adorable! Shaped like a square, these cookies are made with graham crackers for an easy Halloween cookie idea.

Ghost Cookies on a Stick

ghost cookies recipe

Delicious, easy, and fun! These chocolate chip cookies are shaped like a ghost and put on a popsicle stick to make these fun ghosts on a stick cookie.

Monster Eye Cookies

monster eye cookie recipe

Not your traditional cookie, these monster eye cookies start with a cake base and are transformed into cute little monster cookies.

Bat Oreo Cookie Pops

bat oreo pops recioe

Oreos are turned into bats with this fun Halloween cookie recipe! These easy-to-make cookies will be a hit with everyone at the party.

Chocolate Skeleton Cookies

Chocolate Skeleton Cookies

These spooky fun skeleton cookies are perfect for Halloween! The cookies are made with an easy cookie recipe and decorated to look like skeletons.

Vampire Cookies

vampire cookie

Made with a homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe, these vampire cookies are decorated with marshmallows, frosting, and almonds to look like vampire’s teeth.

Halloween Whoopie Pie Cookies

halloween whoopie pie recipe

A delicious treat for all the little ghosts and goblins, these fun homemade whoopie pie cookies are colorful and tasty. 

Witch Hat Cookies

halloween witch cookies

These spooky and fun witch hat cookies will be the perfect treat for Halloween! Your favorite sugar cookie recipe is cut out in the shape of a witch’s hat and then decorated with fun icing.

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