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Recently, the “What’s Your Excuse?” Mom was re-circulating through social media and the news with her recent weight-gain admission. It brought me to thoughts on the whole #fitmom trend, and where we go as mothers with it. My immediate  reaction was, “how brave of her, to be honest, and brave to admit her mess when she subtly shamed mothers for not losing the weight.” She became humble and honest.

We are all well aware of the #fitmom trend or dare I say pressure to be our own version of a #fitmom. Social media rewards and celebrates images of mom’s post-baby, looking fabulous and fit just days after giving birth. But, there are many moms also posting their scars, marks, and skin folds – triumphantly celebrating the birth of their baby.

I think the whole #fitmom movement is fabulous because it encompasses so much of our desires as women, not moms. We are mothers, but we are also women with bodies that deserve activity, attention and crave physical challenges. Just because we are mothers, does not mean we are no longer human beings.

There are endless #fitmoms who are inspiring and motivating – real and authentic and unafraid of their imperfections. These moms are also #fitmoms. The #fitmom trend is pushing moms to love where they are for what they’ve accomplished, rather than how they look. The hashtag encompasses so much more than just a hot-mom-body. It’s a movement of health, well-being, and self-love.

I find the trend candid, honest and real. Of course, I see moms who work super hard, have perky bubble butts, and I want to look just like them. So, I go a little faster, lift a little heavier or just get a workout in because I saw someone who motivates or inspires me to be better. It helps me to see other moms achieving their own success to continue pursuing my version of success. I want to join their “woo-hoo-im-fit-too” club just as much as anyone. I pretend in my head and do the best I can for the reality I have as a mom, and go from there. That’s what I hope for other mamas, who are doing their best to stay healthy, looking at other “perfectly fit” moms and wondering if they’ll ever get there. I hope all mamas look at the moms who are willing to post their truth, just like Mrs. What’s Your Excuse, to see that we all are here to motivate, encourage and be real, which is what the #fitmom is really saying.

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