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Make-ahead breakfast solutions that are healthy and yummy are so important! I had a few mornings of cooking up eggs, slicing up fruit and dishing out toast to realize that adding cooking to the hectic school mornings was not a good idea. I would leave the kids to “eat,” so I could brush my teeth or find shoes, and come back to them playing and not eating. I learned quick that breakfast needs to be handled the night before, not the morning of. I also know how important protein is to sustaining my kids energy through the school day. My oldest especially, burns through energy fast, and protein and fat will sustain their little brains to keep learning much longer.

Make-ahead breakfast sandwiches are my go-to! Here is the variety I make, which all work well for my boys and husband!

I do a combination of fried eggs with cheese, sausage, turkey, avocado and sometimes fruit, depending on what I have. I pre-cook everything, and wrap in tin-foil for the weeki! Super easy, and the boys like a wheat English muffin as a base, toasted with butter. I heat them up quick, and there’s no cooking or cleaning in the crazy mornings!


Make-ahead fruit and yogurt parfaits by Iowa Girl Eats:

Breakfast Pizza by Six Sister’s Stuff:

Freezer breakfast sandwich by Dashing Dish:

Egg muffins with sausage, spinach and cheese by Two Peas In Their Pod:

High protein, blender pancakes by Don’t Waste The Crumbs:

Chocolate banana vegan and gluten-free banana bread by Two Peas In Their Pod:


Brownie batter overnight protein oatmeal by Dashing Dish:

Kid-friendly bran muffins by Create Kids Club:

Make-ahead broccoli, cheddar egg muffins by the Lively Table:

Healthy cookie dough milkshake by Lizzy Moody

Peanut butter jam quinoa wrap by Katalyst Health Blog:

Gluten free blueberry breakfast oat bars by Petite Allergy Treats:



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