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Its that time of year where we get excited to shop for cozy sweaters, fancy boots and felt hats. I am way too excited about my oldest heading into a small, Pre-K class.

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He is wearing a uniform, but of course, I will still be doing some back-to-school shopping. I have a great way for all the mamas out there who don’t want to step foot in the mall with kids in tow. Suckers, strollers, snacks, movies…it’s all just stressful, so I checked into my DOSH app to see what kind of online savings we could find for back to school shopping.

Turns out, there are some great deals at my favorite places for back-to-school clothes. Gap, Nordstrom Rack, Old Navy and Target all have great cash-back incentives for shopping online through DOSH. All you have to do is download the app. Super simple. You can see my full DOSH details in this post, but its basically just an app you shop through by connecting your card. You get money back into your DOSH wallet, which you can then keep and save, or transfer back to your bank. No fees and very, very simple!

First, we have Target. If you shop through that app and make all your back-to-school purchases online, you will get 1.3% back into your DOSH wallet. Grab everything you need while the kids are asleep, and you’ve saved yourself some much needed time and money!

Second, Gap. Was anyone else obsessed with Gap in middle school?? Seriously, my all-time favorite place to shop, and it still is for my kids as well. Do you see what’s in the screen shot? 3% cash back, 40% off and free shipping for denim, all by going through the DOSH app. You really can’t go wrong! Gap jeans are some of the best, and with the quality of the items at 40% off, it’s totally worth it.

Third. Nordstrom Rack: My husband and I both love to shop at the Rack. So many great items that are still in style at much better prices. We pretty much get all the boys shoes at the rack. The kids clothing department is always a bit smaller than we’d like, but shoes, you gotta do it! Well, through DOSH you can get free shipping on orders over $100 plus the 2.2% cash back, additional 25% off clearance items and 70% off select items! Heck yes. Deals on deals here with money back in your DOSH wallet.

Fourth: Old Navy: Old Navy is great for items like t-shirts, socks, basic shorts and pants and some great sales for the whole family. If you shop through DOSH, you get 3% back and 30% off. That includes clearance, so there will be some great basics at some great prices there.

Can you tell I’m a bit excited about shopping for the school season? I can’t help it, I love a reason to get a new outfit, and to get the boys dressed up in the fun fall apparel just melts my heart. But, like many of us, I am one to stick to a budget and count my pennies, so I only shop where I can find the best deals.

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